Mommy Duties-Child Proofing Your Home

As a mom, we only want the very best for our kids.  We try to protect them as much as we could.  We don’t like seeing them get hurt coz it breaks our hearts to see them cry or get into an accident.

Let me share with you one way I baby/child proofed one part of  Chesca’s room.

BEFORE.  Notice the marble area below the cushion? I used to put rubberized foam I bought from Saizen. But then the kids started pulling these off!  If they accidentally hit their heads there (after tripping over something or during play), it would be very very dangerous.
WHAT DID I DO? I got the existing cushion/foam and added another foam to it to make a corner. Bought leather fabric for less dust.
AFTER.  Here’s the end product.  I’m very happy with what I had made.  Now I’m not worried the kids would hurt themselves while playing.


Have you covered the dangerous parts of your house?  Maybe it’s time to go around and double check for your child’s safety.

Have a Happy Weekend!

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