First few “Big School” Experiences

Ok, so it’s been a week and a couple of days since start of classes.

*We’ve lost 4 ponytails, 2 clips, a water bottle, and a cloth diaper.

*I’ve had 2 concerns regarding bathroom procedures.

Caregivers/Manangs/Nannies in school who were supposedly helping the kids go to the bathroom and wash up were not as available as expected.  Or they lack communication with the kids.  Chesca came home one day with wet underwear coz she used the bidet by herself and no tissue was within reach coz the nanny was assisting someone else.  So I told her to just wait for her turn and not do it by herself so she doesn’t get wet.

But then, today she tells me that she told the nanny to wash her coz she was done peeing but the nanny didn’t wash her and just told her to wear her underwear without even wiping.  So that leaves me with making her wash by herself!?  Now I need to teach a 3 year old how to use the bidet without making a mess!!!???

*3 instances of unlocked water bottles, leaving her bag a bit wet.  This resulting to one day wetting a book inside the bag.

*One accident encountered.

Chesca was found crying a bit in a corner coz she hit her head.  Hitting her head was less concerning but it was her eye she hit.  She had a bit of a swollen eye and a small (dot like) scraped skin.  Seems like she hit a corner of a book that was wrapped in plastic cover.  Or something sharp that poked her eye.  But I did appreciate it that her teacher came out to the car to explain things to me.  Then again, I don’t really know what happened coz no adult saw the accident.  We’re all just relying on what Chesca said.  I made sure (well I hope I did) that no one pushed her or hurt her or caused her to fall.  That it was all an accident.  She did say she had no bad classmates and all were good (Thank God!).  I just hope she remembers correctly and isn’t omitting anything!

There you go, me adjusting with the “big school” things.

This is the memo book I wasn’t too fond of coz it was a bit heavy for Chesca to be bringing everyday in her bag.
But it turns out I’m the one who’s gonna be using it often 🙂   This book is for the parents and teachers to communicate with one another.  It’s been a little over a week and I’ve used it 4x! 😛
Latest letter to the teacher regarding the bathroom incident and some lost items today.  Not too long huh? 🙂

How are your toddlers in big school?  Do share your experiences 🙂

I just hope I get adjusted soon or I might go crazy especially with all these pregnancy hormones!

Bangkok Vacation – what we did

Our trip was basically to relax and get away from our normal daily routine.  So what did we end up doing in our 4 day trip?  Nothing much! Lol…which was the main do nothing!

We spend time going around the Platinum Mall below our hotel.  Interesting stuff you’ll find there.

Checking out the nice shopping malls was also on our list.

I wanted to eat this! But I was too full.
Now all I have is regret.
After walking around the malls, we decided to walk back to our hotel from Emporium Mall since it was so traffic! We passed more malls on our way home.
There were also a lot of Buddhas and temples outside the malls.  A lot were offering food.  There were a lot of tourists taking pictures too.
Looking at some Balenciaga bags to compare prices. Compared to Manila,  it was more or less 10k cheaper in BKK.
Thai Massage every other night! 🙂
Our wonderful hosts who drove for us, fed us, and took us around the city for more shopping!
They brought us to the Jim Thompson outlet. A lot of nice fabrics available.
Too bad I didn’t need any   :- /
They had other household items.
and bags, and other accessories.
Even shoes!
Check what I found at the mall. They have an automated machine to update your bank passbook. Neat!  Hope we had some here to avoid long lines at the bank.

Just sharing our Bangkok experience.  Have you been to Bangkok lately?   Hope you had a great time too!  Do share your experiences 🙂

Bangkok Vacation – what we ate

Day 1 food: KFC 🙂 Yes, you heard it right, KFC. it was 5pm when we got to settle down in our hotel room. We headed downstairs to try to do a little shopping at Platinum Mall but decided to take a snack first.  KFC was right in front of me which made me crave for their zinger. The line was so long so I had dessert first. Got a banana chocolate crepe at one of the food stalls. You’ll need to buy/load a platinum food court card to be able to purchase any food/drink.  If you don’t finish your credit, just return the card and they’ll give you the remaining balance.  


We only got to go around for less than 2 hours coz the stores close early.  Day 1 dinner was at 830pm.  Too tired to go far, we ended up at Mcdonald’s below our hotel. They din’t have rice and chicken, but had something better..but oh so spicy! 🙂   Check out the chart as to how many calories each of their products have…you wouldn’t want to eat in Mcdonald’s that often anymore!
Buffet Breakfast at the hotel. Filling up for a long day ahead! They had enough food choices for us.  Interiors were relaxing and staff was very accommodating.  I always start off with eggs and bacon.
After a few hours going around Platinum Mall, we had lunch. Trying to look for authentic Thai food, we ended up eating Japanese food in the food court.
Latter part of our day was spent going to the high end malls like Gaysorn and Emporium. Our last stop was the food court of Emporium mall which had A LOT of restaurants food stalls. I was able to find my first Thai meal. But sad to say, it did not taste good at all!
Paid too much for crappy food at Thai Peppery.  Note to self: NEVER eat here again! 
My friend Fides had fish, and I had what I was craving for the whole day..Bagoong rice/Rice with shrimp paste.  It did not meet half of my expectations.


My breakfast for Day 4!  and last picture was our food in the plane going home.


Day 4 breakfast continued 🙂


Time to go home! See how spacious their airport is compared to ours? sad 😦 ….. what’s more sad during this time was that we weren’t able to get our tax refund!!! This Thai girl behind the Tax Refund Counter misinformed us. She tells us to go straight inside and get our refund there. She didn’t say that our papers had to be stamped before security check! We couldn’t go back out, so no refund for us! Make sure to have your papers stamped before going through security or else you’d be so pissed at yourself! 😛


Here’s what I usually have in my tote bag when traveling:  Wallet, Blackberry, iPod, petroleum jelly, lip balm, wipes, facial tissue, alcohol, extra clips/ponytails, small zipper bag for passport & other docs, 2 pens, shades, and in the purple plastic bag was the laptop I bought (which was supposed to be 10k cheaper including the tax refund!) to hide it from customs 🙂  

Where did we go? – Father’s Day 2012

We celebrated Father’s Day with a lunch buffet at Chef Jessie at the Rockwell Club.   I got an email from them showing their Father’s Day offer and I liked it.  It seemed reasonable so I made reservations 2 days ahead.

This is what they served for Father’s Day.
Their buffet set up.

This is one of our favorite restaurants ‘coz of the food and ambiance.  Great for date nights as well as family lunches…for us, its late lunches 🙂

The kids like running around the lobby of the Rockwell Club and like watching the view of the swimming pool & garden while eating.  After lunch, we went to the mall ‘coz the kids wanted to go to Gymboree.  But when we got there, it was closed.  They’re transferring it outside the mall and will be replaced by the school of rock.  So the kids decided to go to Toys R’ Us instead.

Kids had fun with their Art Activity in Toys R Us.   Then they had Ice Cream before going home.

That was it.  Just a simple celebration, family time, bonding time! Our Little Experience for the day…


How was your Father’s Day celebration?  Hope it was one great little experience such as ours 🙂

Mommy Duties – Altering uniforms & Nagging kids

I never thought I’d be sewing clothes of kids while waiting outside the classroom for class to finish.  One day, I thought of doing a little sewing to alter Chesca’s uniform.  Just a few stitches, nothing complicated.  And I decided to do it while waiting for Lexi to finish her 1-hour class.  I get to watch her from the window, at the same time, finish altering the uniform.  A+ for productivity!

But while I was sitting on the bench sewing, it just struck me how such a “hands-on mom” I’ve become in that certain scenario.  I always saw myself as the “working (corporate) mom” who’d see my kids off to school and just get to spend time with them at  night.   Then just yesterday, I again, stopped, and caught myself nagging Chesca.  I was bombarding her with a lot of questions as to what happened in school.  I wanted to know everything that happened from the time I brought her to school, handed her off to the teacher, till the time I picked her up.

“Did you play?  What did you play with? Who did you play with? Did you make new friends? Did you share your food?  Who did you talk to?  What did teacher say?  What was the first thing you did in school today?  Where’d you go?  What activity did you do?  Did you get hurt? Did someone hurt you? Did you hurt anyone?”  and A LOT MORE of these questions.  Then I thought to myself…”OH no!  I’d be one of those “makulit” moms.  Questions of moms I myself din’t feel like answering when I was young.  But then again, I can’t help it, I wanna know!  I wanna know everything!  Can you blame me?! 🙂

But starting today, I changed my strategy in getting to know information about Chesca’s day…I made it more creative so that she would answer and even give a lot of details.  And it worked!  🙂  It’s just that it would take hours for me to get information, but that was okay than no information at all.  I stagger the questions from the time I pick her up till bedtime.  So at least she doesn’t realize I’ve asked her a lot of questions in one day.  And they’re not all questions.  Some are statements I make and I just let her correct me and that’s when she’ll be the one to tell the story of what happened in school.


This is just the first week of school!  Let’s see how long I’d last in doing this….


How do you get information from your children?  Do share! 🙂