Me vs. Cooking – Going for the Meat!

So again, it’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been quite busy with all factors in my so called “Life”.

Anyway, in that portion where wife duties are, I attempted to cook some good tasting steak for my husband.  Of course, youtube and google were my mentors.

What I did?

Got 2 types of meat:

1.  Bought U.S Angus steak at S&R, 1 big piece for 471Php.

2.  Tried the Wagyu steak we got as a gift.

3.  Salt and Pepper on the steak, set aside.

4.  Used a grill pan to get those grill lines on the steak.  I din’t put butter or oil on the pan but put it on the steak instead.

5.  Cooked steak for around 3 minutes on each side…But for some, it was more of like 5 minutes coz I had to eat mine well done.

6.  Used the same grill pan to cook potato wedges.  Used real potatoes and not those that came readily cut.

7. When steak was cooked, set it aside for 5 minutes before cutting and putting them on the serving dish.

How’d it look?  See for yourself…

Finished product.  Left part of strips is the Angus, and the smaller ones was the Wagyu.  Tasted quite the same 😛
Rick said it was good enough for a first timer…whatever that meant! But see, he finished everything!  (literally “FINISHED PRODUCT”)… The prawns were leftovers from lunch..hehe…
For dessert, we had Inutak with vanilla ice cream. Oh what a big meal for dinner!  We finished an entire small box of Inutak.

So there, that’s my little experience in cooking steak.

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