Pregnancy Cravings: KitKat Ice Cream

During my last check-up I was exactly on the 4 pound mark!  Meaning I gained 4 pounds for the month which was the maximum limit! Whew!

Well, this craving may not be helping me at all for this month.

A friend of mine told me about the Kitkat Ice Cream of Nestle.  So I tried it.

Something different.  It had 2 types of chocolate ice cream, then small kitkat balls inside.

Here’s the 2 colored chocolate ice cream and the kitkat balls. Just imagine a kitkat bar rolled into a tiny circle.
Yes, Yes, I ate almost half of the tub in one sitting…shameful I know 😛


One thought on “Pregnancy Cravings: KitKat Ice Cream

  1. I like all of the post under this category: Pregnancy Craving!

    I can clearly recall all my cravings when I was pregnant. But since I gained too much weight so therefore I have to control my food intake especially sweets! Arrgghh! I was so frustrated that time! Haha! But anyway, it’s always nice to look back to good memories, right?

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