Eating for 2!!??-Roshan Ice Cream

I recently tried Roshan’s home-made ice cream.  Cappuccino Almond Fudge.  Thanks to my friend Joan who sent some over, just in time for my pregnancy cavings.  As I took in the first spoon of this ice cream, I was already able to taste the capuccino flavor,  almonds, and bits of fudge…they definitely din’t scrimp on the ingredients.

Here’s the tub of ice cream I got!  🙂   It’s on top of a small pillow covered with a towel on top of my tummy while facing the t.v…
Cappuccino Almond Fudge…no, I din’t finish the entire tub of ice cream…I had self control this time around.
Here’s how their packaging looks like.

They have all other sorts of desserts in their website.  Check it out, all look so mouthwatering.

For orders you can call them at 631-7786 or 0917-8336286.

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