Where did we go?-Visiting Bangkok after 8 years

I recently took a trip to Bangkok and wow!  to my surprise, it looked so much different.  I definitely din’t remember the airport being that nice and huge. The first good thing was it had a priority lane at immigration!  We skipped the loooong lines, thank God! Downside, it  took forever to find the tour guide and for the hotel transfer van to leave the airport.  We waited for other people who were in the same van for almost an hour. (Boo!)

1st picture on top-entrance to immigration. We were lucky to be able to go to the right side (Thai Residents) where the priority lane was (for pregnant, with disability, & seniors), no queue at all! So we were the first ones to be able to get our bags!  Din’t expect airport to be this nice.
Ok, this was devastating! We were told to go to gate 6 and we’ll find our tour guide there for our hotel transfers. So we went there, expecting a person to be holding up a sign…after 30 mins. of walking back and forth, what do we see!? A sheet of paper with our names [take note, just names, not even the name of the tour company (GM Holiday) we were looking for] taped to the railing!!! No tour guide! (He was like a few meters away.)  How in the world can anyone notice that when it’s being blocked by everyone walking. He din’t even tape it to a signage post or just hold it up like every other tour guide.
At last we headed out of the airport. Clean and wide streets.
Here’s the group and the van we were waiting for forever. Then to top off the waiting, it took us longer to get to the hotel coz it was so traffic. It was the same day of Lady Gaga’s concert!

We stayed at Novotel Bangkok Hotel @ Platinum.  Hotel was only about a year old so everything was still relatively new and clean which we loved.

Novotel Bangkok@Platinum. We got the swing around package for PAL which came out a lot cheaper than trying to book airfare and hotel separately. Don’t worry, even if it has a tour included, just tell the tour guide you can’t join the tour on that day. Lobby of the hotel is at the 6th floor.
We stayed on the 14th flr. Hotel had spacious hallways. Welcome to our room! Lower right picture is the view from the bathroom. Don’t worry, there are blinds to roll down for privacy when you use the bathroom.

Look at the bathroom door. It folds outwards and becomes part of the wall. Neat huh!? Saves so much space!

Shared headboard in case you’d want to put the two beds together. There were bedbugs or some bugs that seemed to be biting us during the first night. So make sure you ask for a new comforter before sleeping. We asked for one during our 2nd night and we din’t feel anything anymore.
Toilet has its own door inside the bathroom. Toiletries available but if you need a toothbrush or other items not displayed on the sink, you can just call housekeeping and they’ll bring it up for you. I had to ask for a toothbrush coz it wasn’t there.
View from our window. Construction ongoing beside the hotel. View of the triangular swimming pool of the hotel. And you’d be able to see the traffic on the main road as well. The picture shows some black dots like a screen coz outside the window is a sticker of an advertisement. I figured it out when we were walking home one night.  At first I thought it was some sun shade..hahaha!

Just beside our hotel was Platinum Mall. 6 floors of shopping!  Imagine Greenhills Shoppesville x 20!  Clean, airconditioned, spacious, with clean restrooms and an entire food court floor to rest and eat. Most of the stuff being sold are clothes, accessories, and shoes.  No furniture being sold in this place. We spent 2 days in this mall.  Our 2nd day was supposed to be a city tour, we din’t join them anymore (good thing we weren’t charged for not joining).  They open at 930am and close at 730pm.

Here’s the driveway of the hotel. Just beside the entrance of the hotel is a coffee shop and Baskin N’ Robins. Then you’ll find a money changer and the entrance of Platinum mall right beside Baskin.
Food court of Platinum Mall.
Inside Platinum Mall.
They also had elevators which helped a lot if you had a trolley or suitcase for shopping.
For the 1st 2 hours inside Platinum Mall, was able to get some cute stuff for my girls.  Aren’t the ballet outfits adorable???   Too bad they close the mall early so we were able to go around from 530pm-730pm.  Found these Thai inspired pants with bells..I hope the girls wear them!

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