Me vs. Cooking – Buffalo Chicken Wings

Here I go again, trying some stuff in the kitchen.  This time, I tried making Rick’s favorite…Buffalo chicken wings.  Again, I just google recipes.

1. Chop off tip of wings, then deep fry in canola oil until golden brown. 2. Make sauce by mixing in a sauce pan some Frank ‘s hot sauce and butter. 3. You can have some bleu cheese or ready made bleu cheese dressing on the side to dip the chicken wings in.
Here’s how it ended up looking. It tastes much better than it seems 🙂 But then I think I overcooked it since I really waited for the wings to be golden brown.  Next time I’ll try with bigger wings.

Pregnancy Cravings – Nacho King!

As I was waiting for my turn to get my 4d ultrasound, I was able to get some Nacho King!

I’ve been craving for these for quite some time, finally was able to eat them.  Problem was, as I was munching on them while walking in Megamall, I realized it didn’t taste as good as before.  I ended up not finishing it 😦

The craving that wasn’t satisfied.  Nachos not crispy, cheese was too watery, beef was dry…Grrrr!

Where did we go?! – Bangkok. Luggage trouble.

To continue my story on our Bangkok trip, first challenge/mishap I experienced…trouble opening the lock of one of my luggages.  The problem was, my smaller luggage was inside the bigger one which I couldn’t open!

Upon checking-in at NAIA 2, I noticed I haven’t locked my luggage, and so I did.  Then when I decided to put something inside, I tried opening it, and it wouldn’t open at all!  We were the next in line so I had no time to keep trying.  I just hoped that when we got to Bangkok, I’d be able to open it or else I wouldn’t have any clothes to change into unless I destroy the luggage (but I also told myself it could be a reason for me to buy a new one 🙂 hehehe).

When we got to our hotel in Bangkok,  I tried it one more time, and still no luck.  Good thing, my friend Fides had scissors with her and so I tried tinkering with it…Thank God it worked!  I was able to open it and get my stuff inside to freshen up.  But then the lock got some scratches from the scissors and I couldn’t lock it anymore.  Good thing I had some padlocks with me.

The lock that gave me a hard time and the scissors that helped me out!

I wasn’t too pleased with Samsonite.  They should do something about these problems.