Where did we go?! – Bangkok. Luggage trouble.

To continue my story on our Bangkok trip, first challenge/mishap I experienced…trouble opening the lock of one of my luggages.  The problem was, my smaller luggage was inside the bigger one which I couldn’t open!

Upon checking-in at NAIA 2, I noticed I haven’t locked my luggage, and so I did.  Then when I decided to put something inside, I tried opening it, and it wouldn’t open at all!  We were the next in line so I had no time to keep trying.  I just hoped that when we got to Bangkok, I’d be able to open it or else I wouldn’t have any clothes to change into unless I destroy the luggage (but I also told myself it could be a reason for me to buy a new one 🙂 hehehe).

When we got to our hotel in Bangkok,  I tried it one more time, and still no luck.  Good thing, my friend Fides had scissors with her and so I tried tinkering with it…Thank God it worked!  I was able to open it and get my stuff inside to freshen up.  But then the lock got some scratches from the scissors and I couldn’t lock it anymore.  Good thing I had some padlocks with me.

The lock that gave me a hard time and the scissors that helped me out!

I wasn’t too pleased with Samsonite.  They should do something about these problems.

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