Mommy Duties – Altering uniforms & Nagging kids

I never thought I’d be sewing clothes of kids while waiting outside the classroom for class to finish.  One day, I thought of doing a little sewing to alter Chesca’s uniform.  Just a few stitches, nothing complicated.  And I decided to do it while waiting for Lexi to finish her 1-hour class.  I get to watch her from the window, at the same time, finish altering the uniform.  A+ for productivity!

But while I was sitting on the bench sewing, it just struck me how such a “hands-on mom” I’ve become in that certain scenario.  I always saw myself as the “working (corporate) mom” who’d see my kids off to school and just get to spend time with them at  night.   Then just yesterday, I again, stopped, and caught myself nagging Chesca.  I was bombarding her with a lot of questions as to what happened in school.  I wanted to know everything that happened from the time I brought her to school, handed her off to the teacher, till the time I picked her up.

“Did you play?  What did you play with? Who did you play with? Did you make new friends? Did you share your food?  Who did you talk to?  What did teacher say?  What was the first thing you did in school today?  Where’d you go?  What activity did you do?  Did you get hurt? Did someone hurt you? Did you hurt anyone?”  and A LOT MORE of these questions.  Then I thought to myself…”OH no!  I’d be one of those “makulit” moms.  Questions of moms I myself din’t feel like answering when I was young.  But then again, I can’t help it, I wanna know!  I wanna know everything!  Can you blame me?! 🙂

But starting today, I changed my strategy in getting to know information about Chesca’s day…I made it more creative so that she would answer and even give a lot of details.  And it worked!  🙂  It’s just that it would take hours for me to get information, but that was okay than no information at all.  I stagger the questions from the time I pick her up till bedtime.  So at least she doesn’t realize I’ve asked her a lot of questions in one day.  And they’re not all questions.  Some are statements I make and I just let her correct me and that’s when she’ll be the one to tell the story of what happened in school.


This is just the first week of school!  Let’s see how long I’d last in doing this….


How do you get information from your children?  Do share! 🙂

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