Bangkok Vacation – what we did

Our trip was basically to relax and get away from our normal daily routine.  So what did we end up doing in our 4 day trip?  Nothing much! Lol…which was the main do nothing!

We spend time going around the Platinum Mall below our hotel.  Interesting stuff you’ll find there.

Checking out the nice shopping malls was also on our list.

I wanted to eat this! But I was too full.
Now all I have is regret.
After walking around the malls, we decided to walk back to our hotel from Emporium Mall since it was so traffic! We passed more malls on our way home.
There were also a lot of Buddhas and temples outside the malls.  A lot were offering food.  There were a lot of tourists taking pictures too.
Looking at some Balenciaga bags to compare prices. Compared to Manila,  it was more or less 10k cheaper in BKK.
Thai Massage every other night! 🙂
Our wonderful hosts who drove for us, fed us, and took us around the city for more shopping!
They brought us to the Jim Thompson outlet. A lot of nice fabrics available.
Too bad I didn’t need any   :- /
They had other household items.
and bags, and other accessories.
Even shoes!
Check what I found at the mall. They have an automated machine to update your bank passbook. Neat!  Hope we had some here to avoid long lines at the bank.

Just sharing our Bangkok experience.  Have you been to Bangkok lately?   Hope you had a great time too!  Do share your experiences 🙂

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