First few “Big School” Experiences

Ok, so it’s been a week and a couple of days since start of classes.

*We’ve lost 4 ponytails, 2 clips, a water bottle, and a cloth diaper.

*I’ve had 2 concerns regarding bathroom procedures.

Caregivers/Manangs/Nannies in school who were supposedly helping the kids go to the bathroom and wash up were not as available as expected.  Or they lack communication with the kids.  Chesca came home one day with wet underwear coz she used the bidet by herself and no tissue was within reach coz the nanny was assisting someone else.  So I told her to just wait for her turn and not do it by herself so she doesn’t get wet.

But then, today she tells me that she told the nanny to wash her coz she was done peeing but the nanny didn’t wash her and just told her to wear her underwear without even wiping.  So that leaves me with making her wash by herself!?  Now I need to teach a 3 year old how to use the bidet without making a mess!!!???

*3 instances of unlocked water bottles, leaving her bag a bit wet.  This resulting to one day wetting a book inside the bag.

*One accident encountered.

Chesca was found crying a bit in a corner coz she hit her head.  Hitting her head was less concerning but it was her eye she hit.  She had a bit of a swollen eye and a small (dot like) scraped skin.  Seems like she hit a corner of a book that was wrapped in plastic cover.  Or something sharp that poked her eye.  But I did appreciate it that her teacher came out to the car to explain things to me.  Then again, I don’t really know what happened coz no adult saw the accident.  We’re all just relying on what Chesca said.  I made sure (well I hope I did) that no one pushed her or hurt her or caused her to fall.  That it was all an accident.  She did say she had no bad classmates and all were good (Thank God!).  I just hope she remembers correctly and isn’t omitting anything!

There you go, me adjusting with the “big school” things.

This is the memo book I wasn’t too fond of coz it was a bit heavy for Chesca to be bringing everyday in her bag.
But it turns out I’m the one who’s gonna be using it often 🙂   This book is for the parents and teachers to communicate with one another.  It’s been a little over a week and I’ve used it 4x! 😛
Latest letter to the teacher regarding the bathroom incident and some lost items today.  Not too long huh? 🙂

How are your toddlers in big school?  Do share your experiences 🙂

I just hope I get adjusted soon or I might go crazy especially with all these pregnancy hormones!

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