Mommy Duties – Do your “homework”.

In teaching Chesca how to be independent, I had to make sure I was doing my part to help her achieve this.  Being in a big school, I learned she couldn’t depend on the teacher aides/manangs to help her in the comfort room all the time like she did in her pre-school.  There are times when students go to the comfort room together and there’s only 1 teacher aide to help all of them.  Of course in this scenario, not all kids are attended to.

So I decided to teach her to do things on her own even if she’s just 3 years old.

During our first PTC, I took advantage of knowing the parts of the classroom where she normally sits during eating time or  stays during activities (just to visualize whenever she tells me stories).  Then I also checked out their comfort room to see if it would be easy for a 3 year old to go inside by themselves.  I took pictures of different angles so that I could explain to her some reminders.

By checking out the bathroom, I learned that the sink on the other wall was higher than the others. So, I told Chesca not to use that when she washes her hands so she doesn’t have a difficult time reaching it and she won’t end up having water drip to her elbows and wetting her uniform.
Checked out the cubicles, locks, toilets, bidet, if they were child friendly. Tissue was only outside on top of the table so I had to tell Chesca that the first thing she’d do is to get tissue before she enters the cubicles and never to lock the door in case of an emergency.

After the reminders via pictures, we had the chance to actually practice the next day after school.

She showed me she had to get tissue first before entering the cubicle.


And how she could reach the sink and properly wash her hands.  She even said she won’t use the sink at the far end coz it’s too high for her and that it was for bigger kids.  I was so happy she remembered everything I said.

We as parents can only do so much.  But these little things do help a lot.

Till my next “big-school parent” discovery 🙂 …

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