Little Gym

Does your toddler have too much energy?  One good way to let kids release their energy is by letting them do physical activities.  This doesn’t just help improve their motor skills, but makes them stronger and lets them exercise their muscles as well.

Little Gym is a good place for that.  Since they also have classmates in each class, their social skills are also developed.  If you have shy toddlers, this may help them get out of their shells.

Little Gym El Pueblo.  Place is clean.  Equipment is well kept so you won’t have issues with your kids rolling around dirty floors.  I actually also looked at club gymnastica near Pioneer but the facility wasn’t inviting for toddlers.  It wasn’t well kept at all and if your kid has allergies, it may be triggered when they start running around there.  It’s more for biigger kids with better immune systems.

They have different classes/lessons for each age group. For me, I like the 3 years old and up classes coz it really focuses on their gymnastics skills (which we chose).  There are also other classes wherein the theme is sports so they have different toys for the kids too.  Kids who are 3 years old are left in the class without companions anymore except for the teacher.  This makes them learn discipline in listening to the teacher and waiting for their turn, as well as following instructions.

I’m not so into the classes for kids below 3 coz these are where the kids need companions inside and do singing and different physical movements.  I’d rather send them to Kindermusik for infants coz singing is their forte.  And Pre-school for 2 years old for the same reason.  Well, that’s just me.  Different strokes for different folks right?

Little Gym costs about 1k per session if you break down their tuition of 12k/semester (12 sessions).  A bit steep but if it benefits your child, and you have the means, why not?  At least its worth a try.