My unhealthy eating

Yesterday, after my pre-natal check-up, I found out I gained 6 pounds in a span of 2 weeks vs. losing a pound in 4 weeks.  Extremes, right?!

Oh well, so I just told myself that starting this week, I’ll stop eating junk and keep it to the “healthier” options during munching time.

As I headed home, I suddenly felt hungry…I was too lazy to get down the car to buy something so of course, I ended up going to a place with drive-thru.  My only choices were McDonalds and Krispy Kreme.  I chose the one with lesser evil and one that would satisfy my hunger.

It was the ever dependable Cheeseburger meal.
I tried the Blueberry Float while I was at it —OH MY!  I hated it!
Then got some Fries for the kids.

I nothing could really stop me from eating junk!

Well, its just a few more weeks, what’s a few more pounds??? 😛