Extra Curricular Activities in Kinder – Too Soon???

My toddler wanted to try out gymnastics in her school so we attended a trial session.  To my surprise, it was no joke.  Nothing like what I expected at all.  It was the real thing and not like the kiddie gymnastics you have at Little Gym.

The session was 2 hours (which I thought was only an hour), first hour was basically stretching and warming up, then the 2nd hour was more on the bars, beam, trampoline, and floor exercises.

Stretching/warming up.  Just watching them doing these exercises made me tired.  Poor Chesca, she also didn’t know it was gonna be like this.  She kept running to me saying “mommy, I’m tired”, “Mommy, I’m hungry”, and “Mommy, I’m really tired.”

The first thing the coach made them do was run around the gym 6x.  On the 4th round, Chesca was slowing down and could see her tired.  This was right after her class which was  normally her nap time.  But then, she still finished it.  Was so proud she didn’t quit!

When it was time for the bars, she got excited.  It was what she liked about gymnastics.  Hanging on the bars, balancing on the beams, and doing forward rolls.  During this trial session, she actually already experienced hanging upside down, turning around the bars, and doing backward rolls.   So these people really mean business!  They’re not wasting any time!

So as I was observing the entire 2 hour trial session, I was asking myself if it would be good for Chesca to do this 1-2x a week, or if it was too early for her and just wait another year.  I wanted her to enjoy playing first and was even thinking of enrolling her in Little Gym again.

But when I asked her if she wanted to join this club or Little Gym, she chose her school’s gymnastics club.  Then I ask her, “But didn’t you say you got so tired? You can just do Little Gym on weekends”…and guess what she answered:  “But Mommy, you gotta try and try until you can do it, right?”

Oh My!  My baby is growing up too fast!!!

I have 3 more days to decide whether I’ll enroll her or not.  It’s good for her to do so coz she’ll learn discipline but then again, I’m thinking she might be too young for this kind of serious activity.

I guess I’ll just have to do more probing with her…wish me luck 🙂



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