Eating for 2!!?? – Cake overload

Right after picking up Chesca from school, I headed over to Fleur de Lys in Quezon City to buy some of their Florentines (the thin cookies coated with chocolate I talked about in one of my previous posts).  But as I was about to pay, I suddenly felt a bit hungry and of course, what was in front of me??? A lot of cakes!  I was only planning to buy 1, but ended up buying 3!  hay-yai-yai!!!  Well since I was there, might as well try some right?

There were too much to choose from so I asked for their bestseller. This is what they told me. So I decided to get a slice. Best Kept C-Cret – P115/slice.   It had cream, sponge cake, almonds, custard, and hint of chocolate in it. It did taste good but I liked the 2nd cake I got better.
Cake #2. Their version of banoffi pie called Dulce-Banana Tart, P120 each.  This was what I really liked. Liked this version better than starbucks or bannaple’s. This one isn’t that sweet. I’d recommend you to try it out.  Sorry for the crappy pictures (again).
Cake #3 was what I was excited for coz I’ve been looking for a good strawberry shortcake that can be bought in small portions. This is called Strawberry Fields, P120 each.  Unfortunately, it didn’t taste good. I didn’t like the cream. After the first bite, I couldn’t take another (nakakaumay is the Filipino term for it). The sponge cake wasn’t that yummy as well. Or maybe it wasn’t as fresh as I had expected. Baby Yulo’s Strawberry Shortcake still tops my list.

To sum it up, I’d go back to this pastry store for their Florentines and Dulce-Banana Tart.  But then again, this is just my opinion and my taste buds 🙂

It was a day filled with too much cake “taste testing”.  Again, I blame it on the hormones!

What about  you, what’s your favorite cake?