To Eat or Not to Eat!? – Mamou Too!

Last Saturday, we decided to eat dinner at Mamou Too! in Rockwell.  This time, we tried a different type of steak and pasta.

Truffle Pasta and their Bestseller salad. Again, me forgetting to take a picture of the food before digging in!  So these are just like half of the servings 🙂
Dry-Aged Porterhouse and sidings of mashed potatoes for me and french fries for Rick. Half of the steak was well done (obviously for the preggo which is one thing I don’t like about being pregnant. Can’t eat anything but well done!) and the other half was medium well.
This was what the end of our meal looked like! We had the steak that was left on the bone cut and it was still a lot! We ended up bringing it home and eating it the next day. Still tasted good! We ate too much, and had too much oil so we had to drink hot water afterwards to dilute the fat that we ate 🙂 But we’re not complaining.  The fat is what makes it taste sooo good! 

Everything we ordered was good and worth coming back for.





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