Labeling your kids’ stuff using transfer paper

When kids go to the big schools, it’s harder to track down their stuff if it gets lost.  There are just too many kids in each class so it’s hard for teachers to know who’s lost item that is.  Especially when kids normally have the same stuff.

Parents are normally advised to label all their uniforms, clothes, bags, etc.  Anything they take with them to school.  I saw the benefit of this during Chesca’s first few days in school when she’d always leave something on a daily basis.  It’s a lot of items to label, and labeling all these is not that easy.  Schools make you put their name, level, and section.

I used to just manually label using a permanent fabric marker and it looked hideous and too tiring to do for all.  I tried to figure a way how to make it a bit easier and faster.

Here’s what I ended up doing.

I bought transfer paper from cdr-king and printed the labels on it.  Take note, the text has to be the mirror image coz you’ll be ironing the printed side on the clothes.
Here’s an example of how it would look like. Put it on a jacket, uniform, hankie, socks.   I’ll be making a nicer one without borders and in different sizes.

If you use a clothes dryer, this option is not for you.  The label on the socks got destroyed and wrinkled up (obviously coz of the heat’s effect on plastic).  The transfer paper feels slippery rubbery plastic when it’s on the clothes.

C2 Milky Tea

Have you tried C2’s milk tea?  OMG, DON’T!  Let me save you from it.  Believe me, it DOES NOT TASTE LIKE MILK TEA AT ALL!  If you’re expecting it to taste like any of the milk tea places around town, it’s not even close to it.  During my first sip, it was so disgusting that I removed it in front of me right away and straight to the kitchen.

I was even so excited to drink this in my tall glass with lots of ice!!!  But it tasted like medicine 😦   

Here’s one product I was so unhappy with.  Not a good purchase.


Picking up an EMS package at Pasay Post Office

This was the 2nd time I was asked to pick up a package at the post office when I was expecting it to go straight to my house.  First was a purchase from Amazon shipped from the U.S.  I was asked to go to the QC post office right off EDSA between Timog and Quezon Avenue.

When I got there,  I just gave the claim card I got from the mail, and paid the tax.  Took me less than 10 minutes to get out of there.

So when I got this claim card again, I thought it would be the same process but this time, it’s just at the Pasay branch.  So I had the driver go there in the morning to pick it up for me.  He lined up, gave docs, and was told he will be called when the package is ready for opening by the customs officer.  He waited for an hour but still wasn’t called.  This was at 11am.  I had him go home and I went there myself at 3pm, and still, my package was not yet there!


This is the table where they open up the packages. This shot was taken at 3pm, opening of packages are not continuous. As you can see, customs officer isn’t around.  Packages are already lined up waiting to be opened.  Why??? Coz of the crappy process they have!!!


First step: Line up to give the claim card you got in the mail, then they’ll make you fill out some forms.  They’ll also let you photocopy the claim card for them to keep.  Then they’ll tell you to wait for your name to be called.  But then double check first if you have to go to the office at the other building to inform them to bring down your package (to take it to this place for inspection).  Or else, you’ll be waiting for nothing.  

Then you’ll just wait for your name or the name on the package to be called.  Once it’s your package, you’ll be asked to go and witness them opening it in front of a customs officer.

That office is an air-conditioned room of the customs officers.  The customs officer comes out and checks a package or two, notes details of the package, then goes back into that room.  Then you WAIT AGAIN! A note will be given to you stating how much you’ll need to pay.  If you’re ready to pay, then you go inside the room and pay for it.  When I got the amount, I almost fell off my seat!

The tax they were making me pay was so ridiculously high!  It was even more expensive than my package!  So I went inside the room and talked to the officer to make it lower.  From 1,900++ she lowered it to 1,500++….then  I still say it’s too much and begged her to at least make it 1,000Php.  Then this specific officer tells me (while she was computing trying to make it 1k) that every time we have a package sent, we automatically need to pay P500+ for documentation no matter what your package is.  Then she rants on how she doesn’t understand people who love buying imported stuff, makes it more expensive, and makes their jobs more difficult!


In the end, I paid almost 1,200Php, then they gave me the receipt.  I get out of the room and go back to the first table I went to, to pay 40Php to release the package.  This was already 530pm.

My best friend for 2.5hours.  This huge old scary looking electric fan.  It was so hot especially if you’re waiting long!  Pregnant people get some kind of special treatment.  We get to sit in here and not outside the building.   And when they saw I was pregnant, they put a “priority” on my package but that still took an hour for my package to be on the table for inspection!

The problem?  Only one officer checks the packages, and it takes her forever to compute and come back out then check 2 packages again, then goes back into the office and computes, then talks to the owner, then repeats that process.  It wouldn’t matter if there were only 10 people waiting, but we’re talking about 50-100 people!!!

By 4pm, people were getting anxious.  And some of the people outside went in looking for their package.  No line, no nothing, just hovering over the packages visible.  They were then eventually asked to go out and wait for their name to be called.

They should find a way to be more efficient.  That’s all I can say.