Labeling your kids’ stuff using transfer paper

When kids go to the big schools, it’s harder to track down their stuff if it gets lost.  There are just too many kids in each class so it’s hard for teachers to know who’s lost item that is.  Especially when kids normally have the same stuff.

Parents are normally advised to label all their uniforms, clothes, bags, etc.  Anything they take with them to school.  I saw the benefit of this during Chesca’s first few days in school when she’d always leave something on a daily basis.  It’s a lot of items to label, and labeling all these is not that easy.  Schools make you put their name, level, and section.

I used to just manually label using a permanent fabric marker and it looked hideous and too tiring to do for all.  I tried to figure a way how to make it a bit easier and faster.

Here’s what I ended up doing.

I bought transfer paper from cdr-king and printed the labels on it.  Take note, the text has to be the mirror image coz you’ll be ironing the printed side on the clothes.
Here’s an example of how it would look like. Put it on a jacket, uniform, hankie, socks.   I’ll be making a nicer one without borders and in different sizes.

If you use a clothes dryer, this option is not for you.  The label on the socks got destroyed and wrinkled up (obviously coz of the heat’s effect on plastic).  The transfer paper feels slippery rubbery plastic when it’s on the clothes.

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