Little Discoveries: Cake dry shampoo

After giving birth, there’s this chinese tradition called “ge-lai” wherein one of the rules is that you’re not allowed to take a bath for a month.  This supposedly prevents “pasma” and keeps your body in better shape when you get older.

During my first two pregnancies, I tried to follow the rules of “ge-lai” but I din’t last a month.  For the first pregnancy, I took a bath the very next day in the hospital.  On my 2nd pregnancy, I lasted for 2 weeks.  So for the third pregnancy, let’s see if I last for A MONTH without taking a bath and just doing sponge bath!

Having said that, I needed to look for a dry shampoo to keep my hair at least looking presentable 🙂  Thanks to my sister, she found this product at Sephora and sent it over (Thank God for sisters!)

Here’s how the spray bottle looks like.
a closer look…I’ve used this for 5 days now and works really well…Let’s see if it’ll keep up with my hair for  3 more weeks! 😛


Here’s some info about the product from the manufacturer:

No time to wash your hair? No problem. This fuss-free dry shampoo will CLEANSE, REFRESH and REVIVEhair instantly without water. Perfect for all hair types, this invisible formula disappears in all hair shades, leaves behind zero residue and helps boost volume. Infused with naturally derived zeolite, this superb ingredient acts as a highly effective cleanser to absorb excess oil. Silica works as a spacer between your individual hair strands to create a voluminous look. Chamomile and calendula SOOTHE AND CONDITIONboth hair and scalp. The result? Hair looks and feels instantly shampooed, has renewed volume and texture- and smells divine. 

DELECTABLE SCENT: fresh lemons, sweet sugar and warm vanilla. 
Quick and practical, this dry shampoo is ideal for those on-the-go. Use this fuss-free travel companion while vacationing, after the gym or as a quick-fix during the day.  Your ultimate recipe for LOOKING FABULOUSwithout the fuss!

Uniqlo MOA

I don’t frequent the area of MOA or any place beyond Makati as it’s a bit far for me.  But my friend Fides and I decided to check out Uniqlo one Friday afternoon when our kids had no school.  The “no school” gave us a chance to consider traveling all the way to Pasay.

I just wanted to look for the lounge set I was able to buy in Hong Kong a couple of years back which I so totally LOVE!  I regretted I only bought one!  So here I am wishing they still had it or something like it.


We left after lunch around 1pm, and arrived Mall of Asia (MOA) in 15 minutes.  Thank God there wasn’t any traffic.  We literally just went there to go inside Uniqlo, shop around a bit, and leave.  We didn’t even get a snack coz we wanted to get out of the area before rush hour traffic.  We decided to go to Serendra to eat instead so that it was already half way home.


So here’s what I  was able to buy.

I found the lounge set! A bit different but they felt very comfortable (P1,300+/-).  Got a few tops (P799-I refused to get anything more expensive..hehe) and a few other inner garments.  
Then got some stuff from the men’s department. Shorts at P995, Collared Shirt P995, and  plain shirts at P499.

Kids clothes were a bit on the expensive side so I didn’t buy any.  I was only planning to buy a couple of lounge sets for sleeping or just to wear at home, but I ended up grabbing other stuff…which made me spend almost P10k!  Note to self: just get what you plan to buy! 😛