Groupon Philippines

I will share with you my Groupon experience.

Bought a skip hop bag from the website.  It said in the voucher they will deliver it.  Two months after, it still hasn’t been delivered, so I decided to go to their office.  The address on their website was on Pasong Tamo.  When I got there, the guard told me they’re no longer there and recently moved to a new location.  What a way to waste time and gas huh?

The next day, I went back to Makati to go to their new office near Greenbelt 1.  My daughter was so excited to get her ladybug backpack.  We waited and waited, then it was our turn.  When they brought the product out, oh-my-God!  It looked so not authentic!  I also asked why there are a lot of complaints re items not being delivered, and they said it’s coz the address is not complete.  Uhhm, an email to inform the customers would’ve been good!

This is the entrance of the office where people would sit down to wait for their number to be called. Bottom left are the rain boots that was very popular. And the supposed skip hop bag (as advertised 49% off).

When my daughter saw the bag, she immediately said “i don’t like that”.

I spoke with the merchant and asked if it was fake.  She said she can’t say coz it came from the same factory that made skip hop bags.  And they didn’t say in the coupon that they were skip hop bags.  BUT they had pictures of skip hop, of course, people would think they’re authentic skip hop bags.  They’re the same distributors of the ones being sold in Handyman.

It’s just so disappointing coz you’re so excited to get the product you bought only to find out it’s not what you expected 😦

Since then, I don’t buy any item online from those online sites.  I just get food vouchers which are more safe.  I’ve bought several items, and most of them are really discounted coz they’re the products that have really cheap quality.


How were your coupon buying experiences?


Ocean Park Penguin Show

I was so excited to go to Manila Ocean Park.  It was timely that I saw a discounted offer on one of those coupon sites, so I bought some.  We waited for a Holiday so that we could go with less traffic.

A penguin show was included in the voucher/coupon I bought.  I was thinking it would be tricks of penguins.  But no!  To our surprise, it was just a wall projection of a penguin!  If you’re familiar with Talking Tom on the iPad, it looks something like that.  I mean that’s how the penguin moves.

So if you’re expecting a real penguin in this show, it’s not!  Don’t keep your hopes up.  But in fairness, the kids in the audience were laughing so hard coz their nannies really laughing and appreciating the jokes.  But if you’re not into the slapstick type  of jokes, maybe this show isn’t for you.

Just to give you an idea, check out the photo below.


Penguin show.  It’s very interactive coz there’s a CCTV pointing towards the audience.  Then the penguin would talk to the audience since he could see everyone through the CCTV.  Although there were some jokes that were not appropriate for kids.


There you have it, our first penguin show experience 🙂

Lesson for today: Vendo Machine

2 types of vend machines. One for coffee & hot chocolate, and the other for soft drinks & juice.

The lesson for today:  Vendo Machine.

It was the first time for my toddler to see a vendo machine.  She was so amazed with the concept of choosing the drink you want, pressing a button, then it appears in front of you.  The word “vendo machine” was her favorite word for like 4 days!

It’s always good to expose your toddler to different things out there.  The simple thing for us can be very amazing for the kids 🙂

Take your toddlers out, they’ll learn a lot!

Cravings: Meiji Almond

Ok, so yes, I still have cravings even after I gave birth.  Let me call these post pregnancy cravings 🙂  And yes, I always have an excuse for eating junk!

Meiji Almond pack.  What I like about these is that they’re individually packed so even if I don’t finish the entire pack, it’s okay coz each chocolate is sealed.  It also gives me a reason not to finish the whole thing in one sitting!

The texture of this almond chocolate is a bit hard and slippery unlike the others in the market that are powdery and soft that melt fast.  No need to put them inside the ref coz it’ll harden up and difficult to bite.

Try these out, they’re really good!

Birthday Lunch – Aria

Revisiting Aria restaurant after 10 years, but now in their Manila branch.  Our first time to try Aria was in Boracay a decade ago.  We decided to eat lunch here for my birthday to check out the place to see if it would be a nice venue for our daughter, Aria’s baptism reception.  Yes, I thought of the place coz of its name!  Wouldn’t that be cool?!  Well, unfortunately, it didn’t have an ambience suited for a baptism.


Anyway, on to our Lunch experience.  Here’s what we ate:

We started off with some salad.  We chose the Uva salad.
Then ordered ravioli
And then the famous capricciosa pizza!


To sum it up, this was my birthday lunch all together!  But of course a meal doesn’t end here…there MUST always be some dessert and coffee!


So we headed next door to Cake Club. We got a slice of one of our favorite cakes and a cup of coffee to go with it. A lunch break well spent with some good food and the best companion!