Birthday Lunch – Aria

Revisiting Aria restaurant after 10 years, but now in their Manila branch.  Our first time to try Aria was in Boracay a decade ago.  We decided to eat lunch here for my birthday to check out the place to see if it would be a nice venue for our daughter, Aria’s baptism reception.  Yes, I thought of the place coz of its name!  Wouldn’t that be cool?!  Well, unfortunately, it didn’t have an ambience suited for a baptism.


Anyway, on to our Lunch experience.  Here’s what we ate:

We started off with some salad.  We chose the Uva salad.
Then ordered ravioli
And then the famous capricciosa pizza!


To sum it up, this was my birthday lunch all together!  But of course a meal doesn’t end here…there MUST always be some dessert and coffee!


So we headed next door to Cake Club. We got a slice of one of our favorite cakes and a cup of coffee to go with it. A lunch break well spent with some good food and the best companion!





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