My Birthday Dinner – Senju (Edsa Shangrila Hotel)

Let me share with you our simple celebration. We got their 2 specialty sets. It came with this appetizer…fish with some sauce.  I wasn’t really fond of it coz it had some fish bones..a bit hard to eat.  And I wasn’t a fan of this type of fish.
Then some tempura…you can’t leave a japanese rest without tasting their tempura!
And then some sashimi…well, almost gone in the picture but that serving dish came full 😛
This was my set. I LOVED IT!  Seabass and steak were really good and tasty!
This was Rick’s. Only difference was the salmon and how the steak was cooked.  I preferred my set better.  It was cheaper too!  A scoop of ice cream was also included.  You can choose what flavor you want.  Ended the night with coffee to bring down what we ate 🙂   Called it a night and went home with very happy stomachs!

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