Ocean Park Penguin Show

I was so excited to go to Manila Ocean Park.  It was timely that I saw a discounted offer on one of those coupon sites, so I bought some.  We waited for a Holiday so that we could go with less traffic.

A penguin show was included in the voucher/coupon I bought.  I was thinking it would be tricks of penguins.  But no!  To our surprise, it was just a wall projection of a penguin!  If you’re familiar with Talking Tom on the iPad, it looks something like that.  I mean that’s how the penguin moves.

So if you’re expecting a real penguin in this show, it’s not!  Don’t keep your hopes up.  But in fairness, the kids in the audience were laughing so hard coz their nannies really laughing and appreciating the jokes.  But if you’re not into the slapstick type  of jokes, maybe this show isn’t for you.

Just to give you an idea, check out the photo below.


Penguin show.  It’s very interactive coz there’s a CCTV pointing towards the audience.  Then the penguin would talk to the audience since he could see everyone through the CCTV.  Although there were some jokes that were not appropriate for kids.


There you have it, our first penguin show experience 🙂

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