Careful in ordering from Amazon

Am I just unlucky when it comes to online shopping or what!?

First it was receiving a fake item from a supplier at Groupon, now it’s receiving expired items at Amazon.

Last month I ordered a bottle of Aveeno moisturizer and a Neutrogena lip gloss.  When I got the item, they looked so old!  It’s like it came from a grandmother’s closet!  So disappointed so I wrote to and asked for a refund.  Good thing they gave it to me after a few days.

Compare the expiry dates on the bottle (2011) and on the box (2014)…why is it different??? I have no idea!!! so be careful and always check the expiry dates of products you buy.

So, be careful with your online purchases.  Make sure they give you quality products.  If it’s too cheap compared to retail prices at the store, find out why coz sometimes it’s just too good to be true!  Better to be safe than sorry, especially if the product is something applied to the skin or taken orally.

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