Our Cebu getaway @ Shangri-La Mactan

It’s been quite a while again since I posted anything here.  For some reason, being a hands-on mom isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Anyway, I’d like to share with you our short vacation to Cebu.  It’s the first time we left the city during the All Saints/Souls day holiday week.  We normally just stay home and enjoy the peaceful and quiet city while everyone else is off to the airport or the express roads to the provinces.

Our drive to the airport, and the airport itself wasn’t that bad.  Not too much people as I expected.

Here are some pics to show you our  first Cebu vacation experience.

When taking kids along on a trip, no matter how long or short, always make sure you have items to keep them busy!  Another thing you shouldn’t forget, their favorite FOOD & something to keep kids warm.
Top pic is the arrival area of the Cebu airport.  It only has 3 luggage carousels if I’m not mistaken.  For those staying at Shangri-La Mactan Hotel, just go to their booth at the arrival area, The staff will guide you to their shuttle outside.
Closer view of how the shuttle looks like. Bottom picture shows where the shuttle stops. Welcome to the driveway of the hotel’s main lobby.  If you’re staying at the ocean wing, you may opt to check-in there, the shuttle will take you there as well.
Welcome to our 1br Executive suite. Loved the panoramic view (this was just an upgrade, thanks to
high occupancy! hehe). That’s a sofa bed, then you can request for a roll-in bed and a baby cot (graco playpen).  The balcony extends to the bedroom’s balcony.
The bathroom has its separate toilet, tub, and shower.  Room has a king size bed with a view of the beach.
Their soap, shampoo, shower gel, and lotion were from L’Occitane.  Part of their toiletries was a pony tail, something really important when you’re at a beach resort.  Very well thought of.  For me, its those small things that count.   Rubber slippers, aside from the normal bedroom slippers, are also provided.  Their suites have their own espresso machines for coffee and tea any time. 
They knew we had kids with us, so they brought us a kiddie pack of toiletries (diaper, toothbrush, toothpaste, powder, lotion, baby soap), sweet!  Pic on the right shows how the hallway in the ocean wing looks like.
This is the main lobby where most people check-in.  The reservations for Chi Spa is also found here.

(Top photo)  Lobby restaurant which is open until 1am.  To your right (bottom photo) is where you can book your water adventures like scuba diving, flying fish, banana boat, etc…  They also have a boutique beside it for any of your beach vacation needs you forgot at home.


If you’re checked in at any of their suites, you get access to the club lounge. That means free drinks (bottled water, soft drinks, perrier, etc.) all day, snacks, and cocktails from 5pm-7pm.    Their cocktails are filling which can also be your dinner if you don’t have that big of an appetite
(Top photo) This is the view from the club lounge. (Bottom photo) view from main lobby while checking in.  Relaxing isn’t it?!
(Top photo): View from our bathroom tub-driveway of the ocean wing building.  (Bottom photo): View from our balcony.  We could see the beautiful panoramic view of the ocean 🙂
Day 1: Exploring the beach. Kids went swimming and played on the white clean sand. They enjoyed it so much. Too bad it became dark soon.  It was their first time to taste salt water, this they din’t like so much 🙂  There’s a small restaurant by the beach.  You won’t get hungry or thirsty anywhere in this hotel.  

It was an early night for the kids coz they got too tired from the trip.  After they ate their rice and chicken (Mcdonald’s delivery), they were off too bed.  Rick & I spent the rest of the night with our friends at the club lounge to relax and unwind with some cocktails.

Day 2: The kids started their day at the kids zone after eating breakfast. I didn’t want them to be out in the sun coz it was just too damn hot. And as they say, don’t take them under the “bad sun” (10am-3pm).  If you’re aware of kidsville in podium or the active fun places, this place is similar to that.
(Top photo) The slides are long but not that steep.  They have a sack for kids to wear so they slide down smoothly.   Check out the lower left picture.  Kids wear a head gear and are supposed to be wearing long sleeves and pants so they don’t hurt themselves while sliding.  It’s a 90 degree slide, 2-3 floors high, and you fall into a ball pit 🙂  Now for toddlers, they have another area, a small room that has a little tikes slide, ball pit, and other toys for babies.

This place was heaven for them!  This kids adventure zone has some arts and crafts, obstacle course, big slides, and other activities.  Of course nothing is free 🙂  But if you’re checked in a suite, you get 2 hours free in the play area.  After an hour of running around and tiring their nannies, the kids were so beat and ended up taking a nap. We were able to let them rest while we did some snorkeling 🙂  It’s part of the hotel’s free activities.

4:40pm: kiddie pool time…The kids had the time of their life in this area! For smaller kids, this is just perfect! There’s also a bigger pool for older kids with a much bigger slide…adults can slide too, seems real fun!  For the toddler pool, its a bit covered (see upper left photo) so even if it was noon time, it wasn’t that hot for the kids.

After the little ones had their fun at the water park, they washed up and headed over to the movie I signed them up for.  P300/kid for movie with dinner and 30 minutes in the kids play area.  The movie showing that night was Rio.  Unfortunately, there were only 3 kids who signed up that night, so instead of a buffet setting, dinner was plated.  So I still had to get food for the nannies elsewhere.  I had Jollibee chickenjoy delivered to our room since this was one of their favorites, and very cost efficient too compared to the food in the restaurants in the hotel.  You can have concierge connect you to Mcdonalds or Jollibee if you need food sent to your room.  This meant, adult time for us while the kids were at the movies…Chi Spa, here we come! 🙂

(I’ll be sharing some photos of chi spa in a separate post)

They converted the small kamote function room into a movie room.  It was so cute the way they had small tables and chairs for the kids.  The movie was shown on a big screen while dinner was served.  Not too shabby huh!? 🙂

Day 3:  We tried having breakfast early to let the kids play in the pool again.  I was targeting 7am so that it wouldn’t be too hot for them.  Yeah, that din’t happen.  They finished breakfast around 830am, so they started swimming at 9am.  While they were swimming, Rick and I headed to Acqua restaurant to have our free daily breakfast buffet.

Our view from our breakfast table at Acqua (restaurant at the 1st floor of the ocean wing).  This resto had less people during breakfast compared to Tides where the queue reached outside the resto!  No way am I lining up for breakfast 😛

We got late check out only until 2pm.  Our flight was at 6pm.  So from 2-430pm, we just stayed at the lounge (and roamed around the hotel a bit).  Good thing we had access to it, free food and drinks till our shuttle to the airport.  There’s a couch and t.v so the kids din’t get bored and were able to rest before our flight.

We took Cebu Pacific back to Manila coz all the PAL flights were full and only available was 10pm which was too late for us.  Of course, our flight back was delayed!  Good thing it was just 30mins delayed.  But with kids in tow, that’s quite long…especially if you already have tired cranky kids!  Well, at least we had time to get some Cebu Lechon to take home.  Ayers Lechon was just across the street from the airport.

Cebu airport, departure area.  While waiting for boarding, there are several shops you can buy delicacies and souvenirs.  Take note, their dried mangos are more expensive than the ones we can buy in the groceries here!  I learned the hard way 🙂
Food wasn’t served on the airplane, well there was but you had to buy them.  Mostly noodles, snacks & drinks.  So when we got home, we had this for dinner.  A great way to end our Cebu vacation! 🙂

How was your long weekend?  Vacation or “staycation”? 😛