My recent Miu Miu mishap

I was so shocked when I reached for something in my bag and as I pulled my hand out, my ring got caught in one of the threads of the bag.  Imagine my big sigh as I was looking at what happened to the bag 😦
I’d tried stretching it and it looked better a bit.

I think this is my bag that took the most beatings.  Way back, my daughter got it and carried it but she was too small so the bag reached the very rough floor of our driveway and she just dragged it as she took 3 steps.  I was still inside the car just watching, couldn’t do anything, she was already too far from me!  Again, you can imagine what happened to a quilted very soft lamb skin leather being dragged on a rough uneven floor!  Thank God, only one corner of the bag got a bit destroyed.

If this bag could talk, I’m sure I’d hear a lot of sniffs…well, good think it can’t! 😛

So for bag lovers out there, don’t let this not so good experience happen to you.  Be careful 🙂


So there it is...the thread that  gives me an eyesore
So here it is…the thread that gives me an eyesore.  Poor Bag!