My New Favorite: Snappy Dappy Cloth Diapers

I’ve never really been using cloth diapers that often for my kids in the past.  But since a new supplier at Spoiled brought in Snappy Dappy Cloth diapers, I was impressed with it!

Given it’s very affordable price, I thought it wouldn’t be as good as the imported ones like Charlie Banana.  But let me tell you, it surprisingly is 🙂  I’m currently using it now for my baby and she’s so happy with it.  She hasn’t gotten rashes, and it does not leak.  They also were good for my toddler whom I’m potty training.  Before we accept products at Spoiled, we try them out ourselves so that we can review the products very well as well as give our personal opinions about them.

I love how Snappy Dappy has different designs as well as solid colors for those who don’t like the “baby” designs too much.  They also have starter sets that include wet bags to put soiled diapers as well as new ones coz it has a separate compartment.  They also have bamboo inserts that come with it.  Oh, and bamboo inserts are the best!!!  So smooth and soft for babies’ delicate skin.

Here are some pictures of these diapers I’ve been raving about.
starter set tag BOYS' DIAPER SET printed collection starter set Zebra print

Holiday Inn Express Causeway Bay

In my last two trips to Hong Kong, I’ve stayed at Holiday Inn Express, Causeway Bay.  Both times were pleasant.  The hotel had all the basics a traveller would need.  And when I say basic, it’s really generic stuff so don’t go looking for any branded toiletries etc.  It’s right across Times Square so if you need to buy something in the grocery or shop, it’s just literally 10 steps away.

Lee Garden Plaza is just a corner away which has Uniqlo, Esprit, and Muji.  The very big Forever 21 is also walking distance on the same street as G2000, I studio, Sasa, and a lot more…you’ll pass that road going to Sogo/Park Lane/Toys R Us/Windsor House.  So as you can see, shopping is just a few steps away.

Some pictures to share:

Bedroom, Bathroom, and set breakfast
Bedroom, Bathroom, and set breakfast
Small trolley like in airports so it's easier for you to bring your luggage up.  Lower picture is Times Square, side of Salvatore Ferragamo
Small trolley like in airports so it’s easier for you to bring your luggage up. Lower picture is Times Square, there’s a door just behind that truck 🙂


Nearby places:

after checking in, our first stop was DIN TAI FUNG! Yum!!!  This was nearby the hotel.  Same building as Regal Hotel.
After checking in, our first stop was DIN TAI FUNG! Yum!!! This was nearby  Holiday Inn Express. We just walked, same building as Regal Hotel.  Actually, Regal Hotel is where we got off the Airport Express shuttle, but we checked in first then went back coz my husband (Mr.B) din’t want to bring any luggage to a restaurant.  Oh well, wives, be submissive to husbands right? 🙂

din tai fung2

japan home
Japan home.  Yes, the same japan home we have here.  It’s just right around the corner from the hotel.
Street food a block away.  IKEA.  Haagen Daz
Street food a block away. IKEA (same bldg as Park Lane hotel). Windsor House right across IKEA has a lot of stores too like Haagen Dazs, Rolex, Dr.Kong, Toys R Us.  This strip is where the money changer we go to is.
Lee Garden Plaza
Lee Garden Plaza.  If you like Muji, Uniqlo, and Esprit, then you’re lucky to have these a block away.

We booked online.  Their rates are roughly around Php6,000-Php7,000 per night.  One of the best businessman’s hotel I’ve stayed at in Hong Kong.  Just a tip, make sure you have them change your comforter the minute you get in.  I did it on both visits coz for some reason, I felt itchy until they changed it to a new one.

Will post about Intercontinental Grandstanford Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui soon.  This would be a nicer hotel but of course, nicer=pricier 🙂