My New Favorite: Snappy Dappy Cloth Diapers

I’ve never really been using cloth diapers that often for my kids in the past.  But since a new supplier at Spoiled brought in Snappy Dappy Cloth diapers, I was impressed with it!

Given it’s very affordable price, I thought it wouldn’t be as good as the imported ones like Charlie Banana.  But let me tell you, it surprisingly is 🙂  I’m currently using it now for my baby and she’s so happy with it.  She hasn’t gotten rashes, and it does not leak.  They also were good for my toddler whom I’m potty training.  Before we accept products at Spoiled, we try them out ourselves so that we can review the products very well as well as give our personal opinions about them.

I love how Snappy Dappy has different designs as well as solid colors for those who don’t like the “baby” designs too much.  They also have starter sets that include wet bags to put soiled diapers as well as new ones coz it has a separate compartment.  They also have bamboo inserts that come with it.  Oh, and bamboo inserts are the best!!!  So smooth and soft for babies’ delicate skin.

Here are some pictures of these diapers I’ve been raving about.
starter set tag BOYS' DIAPER SET printed collection starter set Zebra print

One thought on “My New Favorite: Snappy Dappy Cloth Diapers

  1. Thank you for posting about cloth diaper and being proud to be a Cloth Diapering mom. Yes your right that imported CD like fuzzy buns and charlie banana are expensive. Thanks to Spoiled Store that they offer affordable CDs. I am a cloth diapering mom and it really makes me happy to see other moms posting about CDs.
    Let us continue to be eco friendly and guilt free ever time we go on travelling we do not leave trash behind.

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