Is there such a thing as too much chocolates?

So is there?

Hmmm I think for some, but not for me!

My sister sent me some french chocolate macaroons and some chocolate biscuits.  Then one of our Godmothers also sent us packs of M&M snack mix.  How can you remove baby weight seeing all these…and worse, having all these within arm’s reach!?  You can’t!!! LOL

not complaining
not complaining…see all those macaroons? I ate 80% of them!!!

I know for most girls, chocolates and chips are some sort of weakness.  It just gets the better of us.  That’s why for me, if i can’t give these up, I just have to find a way to burn all these.  And that’s what I’m gonna try to do starting tomorrow.

A friend of mine will be joining me to reach our goal of getting some daily calorie burning activities.  I’ll update you on how this goes 🙂

So will you give up chocolates knowing this just adds on pounds and gives your stomach, hips, waist, and butt extra padding???  You may say yes, but will you really?  😛




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