Jollibee Birthday Party

Have you ever had a Jollibee party in your child’s school?

Well if you’re the no frills type, then this Jollibee type of party may just be very convenient for you.

simple decorating
Simple colorful decors.  Flying balloons.  Packed lunch set. No hassle.

jollibee 1

jollibee 2

Jollibee will do some games, cake blowing, and picture taking.

Now kids may either love him or hate him.  So to maximize the payment for the mascot, try to ask the parents if their kids are fond of Jollibbee or not.  Or else, you’d be paying for the mascot to be sent out of the classroom coz most kids don’t want to stay near Jollibee.

The good thing about getting Jollibee for a birthday party in school is you don’t have to worry about bringing food, setting up,getting a host, and cleaning up after the party! 🙂

So, considering a Jollibee party too Mommies? 🙂

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