Color your Nails this Summer!

I’m not really a fan of nail polish, but I gave into it recently.  For the love of my daughter who’s so into Keira the Popstar (for those who have boys, this is a Barbie popstar), she wanted me to have purple nails.  And since I don’t let her put on polish, I agreed.  It’s summer anyway!  It kinda grew on me.  Maybe you can try some bright summer colors too.  It’ll come off easily anyway 🙂

Enjoy the rest of you bright colorful summer!

Got nails done at Indigo Salon, Corinthian HIlls, Temple Drive, Quezon City.  They used Sally Hansen nail polish.  I mixed two kinds of purple :-)
Got nails done at Indigo Salon, Corinthian HIlls, Temple Drive, Quezon City. They used Sally Hansen nail polish. I mixed two kinds of purple coz I din’t like the glittery one they had 🙂  They charge around P200+ for a manicure but they serve you beverages and they’ve got free wi-fi 🙂


Shangri-La Plaza’s Kids & Youth Sale

This summer, Shangri-La Plaza is holding a month long (April 19-May 19) sale specifically for stores selling kids items.  Since Motion Wear is being sold in Crossings Department Store (which is inside Shangri-la Plaza Mall), we have a surprise for our customers!!!

Hurry, get your free Jackets for the coming rainy season 🙂

We all love Freebies!
We all love Freebies!

Summer Bummer…Not!!!

I try not to let my kids get bored this summer so I get them into different activities.  Number one important thing for me is that they learn something from them.   Let me share some with you.

Painting: Creativity/Imagination, Following directions, and Focus is exercised.  This also enhances their eye-hand coordination which is a big help in preparation for big school.
Baking:  A good experience.  It also teaches them how food is made.  That there are ingredients to everything they eat.  Cleanliness and Sanitation are good topics to be taken up during the process.  You don’t have to be a chef to do basic cooking/baking.  They’re kids, they’ll have fun!
Swimming:  Of course, we’d also like to get into physical activity to strengthen their bodies.  My main goal is for them to learn how to swim for their lives if needed.  You’ll never know what situation you’ll get into in the future.  Besides, swimming is very beneficial for all ages.
Gymnastics: This brings out the fun in doing different tricks in a not so common setting.  It's like playing too!
Gymnastics: This brings out the fun in exercising.  Doing different tricks in a not so common setting. It’s like playing too!  Kids love it coz there are a lot of girls with them.  There are also boys gymnastics available at this Milo Best Gymnastics Camp.

Since Chesca loves to sing and dance, I also enrolled her in Trumpets at the Podium Mall.  This toddler class doesn’t only teach the kids to sing or dance, but it’s also aimed to bring them out of their shells.


Try to also incorporate workbook activities with your toddlers this summer.  Simple fun workbooks available in bookstores would do the trick.  This is just so his writing, reading, math skills could be honed over the summer as well.


So you see mommies, there’s so much to do out there this summer!  I know the heat has been unbearable the past few weeks and its too lazy to go out, but think of the opportunity you’re giving your kids in letting them experience new things.  This is also where we’d be able to discover what they’re good at and maybe they’ll surprise you in a hidden talent you never thought they had! 🙂


Painting and Baking-can easily be done in your own homes.

Swimming- there are a lot of swimming schools around the metro. If you have a pool, private instructors can come over. 

Gymnastics- Club Gymnastica, Kapitolyo.  Little Gym, El Pueblo.  Kids Klub, Shaw.

Trumpets-5th level Podium Mall





Flying Emirates

Have you flown Emirates Airlines?  Did you have a pleasant flight?  Well, I did!

It was my first time to fly Emirates during my trip to Europe.  My itinerary was Manila-Dubai (with 4 hrs layover)-Paris and Rome-Dubai (4 hr layover again)-Manila.  To better show you my experience is to share with you some pictures.  As the old saying goes…Read More »

Tears that rushed us to the ER

Scenario: 4am I had just slept. 5am I hear a knock on the door. It was my 4 year old toddler wanting to sleep with us (or not wanting to sleep anymore) and saying she had a painful tummy.

So given that, we were thinking it was nothing and she just made that as an excuse so she can sleep on our bed. As I tucked her in beside me to sleep, (and let me tell you, i was so ready to get some rest since it was almost sunrise!) she looks at me with puppy eyes and whispers “I want to go out”. Out!? At 5 in the morning!!??? I told her nothing’s open. Then she cries with TEARS! and says she has a tummy ache again.
I asked if she wanted to go to the ER and she said Yes.But I was observing her, she din’t seem like she was in too much pain that called for a trip to the ER. But then again, we thought she might have a high threshold for pain. So for the benefit of the doubt, we hurriedly dressed up.

Chesca asked if I could dress her up too coz she says she cant go to the ER in her pajamas. This gave me my first doubt but I let it be…and no, I din’t change her clothes no matter how much she wanted.
On our way to Cardinal Santos (hospital), I asked her a trick question again. I go “Ches, let’s just go to the mall.”  then she replies “Mmm up to you, you decide. But okay, if you want let’s go. Maybe my tummy will get better already.” Not too convincing for a really painful tummy that needed a trip to the ER, eh?

Then again, better safe than sorry…so we still had her checked. Turns out they couldn’t really find anything wrong. Of course they couldn’t!  The doctor just diagnosed it as gas pain. She was sent home and prescribed motillium which I din’t let her drink anymore. Then Chesca says “mom maybe I’m just hungry.”  Great! now you tell me, right?!





So after a long night, we went home and gave her breakfast while my husband and I finally got some zzzzz.

I’m still thankful it wasn’t anything serious. I talked to our pedia after and asked how would I know if I really need to take her to the ER. He says-when they really look like they’re in pain, and can’t think of anything else coz its really painful. Other than that, a hot compress would do 🙂  So Mommies & Daddies out there, this tip might help you in second guessing your kids especially if they’re good actors 😛



Later that day, Rick (my husband) says he doesn’t think Trumpets summer class (acting class) will do us any good.  He feels she’d be able to manipulate us more in the future..hahaha!  Well, I believe I’d know when she’s pulling one over me…as my Dad kept telling me when I was growing up, “I’m always two steps ahead of you.” and being kinda mischievous back then, I think I’d know.

Although, now that I think about it, there were a few times he (my dad) wasn’t two steps ahead coz I’d get away with stuff.  Okay, I guess I’d have to rethink some stuff.  Hmmm…I guess it’s good luck to me in the future :-/