Lambskin Nourishing Cream

Uh Huh! You read that right!  There is such a thing 🙂

Especially for those meticulous with their  lambskin bags, here’s a product that would protect them.

Balenciaga Nourishing Cream.  You spread this cream to the leather using the cloth it comes with.  Then get another soft cloth, maybe something as soft as a cloth diaper to wipe it afterwards.  You buff it a bit after it sets.  I was told you should apply this cream once a month if you use your bag often.

Here's the cream
Here’s how the packaging looks like.  It’s a white soft cream inside that spread easily onto your bag.
Directions under the canister.

This cream supposedly protects the bags keeping it looking new.  And for old looking bags, to look better as it restores its appearance.

Try this product out if you’re one of those who really take good care of your lambskin products 🙂  I’ve tried it and so far, it works like a charm!