Keeping my iPhone alive

Since I maximize my iPhone, the battery would only last half a day, Boo!!!

I’ve experienced days wherein I get caught in the middle of traffic, waiting for kids in school, or in a middle of a phone conversation, where my phone shuts down on me. No more batt!  And it sucks big time.  You have this great phone with so much things to do, but so little time to actually use it!

They should’ve made a phone that would last an entire day.

Well, enough ranting, as it won’t solve anything.  But I found something that would!

power bank
This power tube is very handy that it could fit into a pouch in my bag.

Meet my solution.  2600 power tube.  This can charge the iPhone to 100%.

I plug my iPhone into this power tube (others call it a power bank) during the latter half of my day and it lasts me till midnight.  Just in time for me to get home and charge the phone again.  I bought this in Travel Club in Rockwell.  There are other brands and versions.  Make sure the output you get is 5v, and that it’s charging capacity is enough for your phone.

Even CD-R King sells these types of power banks.  Saw one for only 220Php earlier today, but then again, I’m not sure if it will do more harm than good for your phone since normally China products don’t have that much Quality Control compared to branded items.

I got one with a reputable name just to be sure my iPhone was safe.  I didn’t want to risk it.  I’m happy with it, been using it for months and it’s been my lifesaver.  No more missed emails, missed calls, lost opportunity with clients and customers, and most of all, communication line with my kids is always available 🙂

So for on-the-go moms like me, I suggest you get yourself one of these power tubes/banks to make sure you don’t run out of battery.

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