Vask & Old Swiss Inn night

Keeping this short.

Tried out the food a lot of people were raving about at Vask (at the Fort).

We ordered these (see for yourself):


scallops with squid ink ….and foie gras on mangos at the back 🙂
iced tea
iced tea
view of one side of the resto
cook in front of you
they cook in front of you
they have a deck for those who want to dine or drink al fresco

Overall, it was kind of expensive for the taste and serving portions.

Still prefer Mamou steak (no offense, just my opinion). We weren’t that happy so we decided to eat dessert elsewhere. Moved to the ever reliable Old Swiss Inn.

chocolate fondue
chocolate fondue…our friend ordered the bread you see coz he was still hungry from dinner 😛

Chocolate fondue was still good but it seemed like they din’t put as much toblerone as they used to 😦