Trim & Style

My friends and I decided to have a “salon day”.  This was the first time in a long time we were able to get together and get some “pampering”…  And it felt GREAT!!!  We din’t know when it would happen again, so we took advantage of the situation.  Started off with some lunch.

Filipino food @ Romulos Cafe in QC.

Our friends Tessa and Cathy recommended Carmen (Sr. hairstylist) from Antonio’s Hairdressing to do our hair.

Some of us had haircuts, others had hair color,  some had treatment, and some just nails done.

and the fun begins...
and the fun begins…

When I go for a haircut, I normally get a trim, a half-inch trim and nothing else.  But this day was different,  I just let Carmen do what she thought was best!

carmen cutting away!
She started off with putting some treatment on my hair then she started cutting away!
This is not 1/2 an inch trim
OMG! I said trim.  Never knew this was her version of what a trim was.  This is NOT a half inch trim…what was scary was, it was my bangs!

After 20 minutes of holding my breath as I watched her chop chop chop, it wasn’t as bad as I imagined.  Though I did feel like I was in the 80’s with the super layered hair.  My hair was too fine and limp, she wanted to put some body into it, and layering was the only solution.

Here’s how the front looks.  At times bangs fall in front. Brush with your hands and it can move back up.
…And here’s the back.

Feels so much lighter now but sometimes my bangs get in the way.  Can’t tie it up into a ponytail nor could I put it up in a bun as I normally would.  Oh well, its something new for me and liking it each day that goes by 🙂

Have you tried something new with your hair lately? Just do it!  It’ll grow back anyway 🙂

Antonio’s Hair Dressing: 41 Sgt. Esguerra St., El Jardin del Presidente, 1103 Quezon City

9264945, 9273730

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