Love this Celeteque Facial Moisturizer


This is one product that’ll be a staple on my dresser!  Just love how light it is on my face, and of course, how cheap it is compared to other brands out there.

I’ve tried Clarins, Neutrogena, Pond’s, Olay, Clinique, etc.. and I still choose this.  Maybe my face is just more “hiyang” to it.  Thank God I don’t have to spend a fortune to moisturize my face everyday.  They come in several sizes but they have this handy one  great for travel.  What more can you ask for?

But of course, I think this type of moisturizer will only be good for those who don’t have very dry skin.  And for winter weather, you’d need a thicker moisturizer.  But for our weather here in Manila, it’s perfect!!!




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