Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

It's Ramen time at Fukuoka Ramen

It’s Ramen time!  Trying it out at Fukuoka Ramen in Shangrila Plaza East Wing, the 2nd time around.  Last time we ordered their top 2 bestsellers.  So this time we had to order something different.
What we ordered
Here’s what we got this time.   But there was something missing again as we noticed during our first visit.  Like a taste in the end that you’re always looking for.  I can’t explain it but maybe for us we’re just looking for that “kick” in the end.  But since this was the closest ramen place for us, it would do 🙂
Cleanliness - check!
Fast Service (check!).  Good Qualify of food (check!).  Yummy Experience (check!).  Cleanliness – check!



Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

5th Level Shangrila Plaza East Wing

Tel: 477-8333



What’s the Yabu craze about?

After more than a year, we’ve finally tried Yabu.  We were checking out SM Aura and ended up having dinner at Yabu since there were only 3 restaurants  (Coco, an italian resto, and Yabu) open at the top floor.  Happy Lemon (which had a tiny cockroach crawling inside–but I still bought :-P) and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf are also already open.

Anyway, we wanted to see what the Yabu craze was all about.  I’m not a food critique, don’t have the expertise to do so, but I just share my personal experience.  And for this recent Yabu experience, it was a great one!

Found at the Sky Park of SM Aura
Yabu at the Sky Park of SM Aura, the ambience at night draws you to dine there.
These are the condiments for the tonkatsu and cabbage.  Chili oil, chili powder, wasabi dressing, sesame dressing, and of course the katsu sauce made of veggies 🙂
How to make the katsu sauce
The secret to their katsu sauce – ground sesame seeds.  Brings out a good aroma as you grind them.  This simple mix gives your katsudon sauce a twist.
See how rich the sauce is?
See how rich the sauce is?  It was fun grinding the sesame seeds.

We ordered this

We tried their bestseller—the wagyu of pork as they call it.  It was WORTH IT!

As I bit into the katsu (without sauce yet), I felt the crunchiness of the outside, and within a second, my teeth touched the soft and tender pork inside tasting its natural juice.  At this moment, I knew our order was a winner!  So I try my second bite, this time dipping it in the katsu sauce…it was perfection!

To top it off, they had unlimited rice (which was the best rice ever!), cabbage, fruits, pickles, and miso soup.  What more can you ask for?  My gosh, it was sooo filling!

My 2nd bite
A closer look —my view during my 2nd bite 🙂
This is how the set looks like as they serve it to you.
This is how the set looks like as they serve it to you.
The other item we ordered was the katsudon with cheese inside.
The other item we ordered was the katsudon with cheese inside.  The picture says it all.
The only problem was, if you eat too much than you normally do, it kinda gets "umay"
The only problem is, if you eat too much than you normally do coz of excitement, it kinda gets “nakakaumay” or you get tired of the taste.  I think it’s coz of all the oil and cheese.  So make sure you eat the cabbage, pickles, and drink the soup so you won’t feel this.  You’ll need all the neutralizers you can get to make it one magnificent meal all throughout!

But nonetheless, we would definitely come back for more katsu yum!

Here's how the restaurant looks like.
I like what they’ve done to their bathroom decor.  They printed on canvas different testimonials …cute touch!

Image 1

Btw, they have a contest on their website, the katsu craze! http://yabu.ph/igallery/.  You might wanna join, who knows, you might win an iPhone just by posting your katsu experience on their new app.  Check out the link for more information.