Tasted like days-old cookies

Don’t you just hate it when you’re expecting a certain taste and it’s not quite just right?!  Well I did and it sucks!  I was craving for some Mrs. Fields nibblers and was so excited when I saw one of their stalls in SM Megamall bldg. B.  I hurriedly bought some and rushed off to pick up my kids from school.  As I sat in the car, I grabbed one of the cookies and bit into it hoping for the usual Mrs. Fields cookie goodness.  BUT to my dismay, it didn’t taste anything like I expected.  It din’t taste fresh (as the sales lady claimed).

I'm usually put in my happy place after eating these.
I’m usually put in my happy place after eating these.  After my fourth cookie, I was convinced my Mrs. Fields experience for the day was awful….their slogan above “love it. share it.” —no way!  not for this batch anyway.

To think I paid full price for it.  They should be selling them at 70% off!  If that were the case, my expectations would have been lower and I wouldn’t  be ranting.

Well, if they are fresh cookies, then there’s something wrong with how they were baked 😦   At least now I know where to get my Mrs. Fields fix.  Greenhills Promenade, Shangri-La Mall, and Rockwell have never let me down in terms of freshness of their cookies. I think I just better stick to these 3 branches.   It would be nice if people who sell food would be consistent with the quality of food they produce.  It wouldn’t be a bad thing right?


Happy Friday!



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