King One Hot Pot

We tried this eat all you can hot pot place, King One.  On Macapagal avenue beside Seaside, you will find this restaurant.  Having a rotary dish server, you’ll feel you’re in another country as its not common in Manila.

King One.
Food is freshly prepared in front of you.  You can just get anything from these dishes going around.

If I remember correctly, it costs 500++ Php per person.  This consists of food and their different types of iced tea.  Their meat tastes good, veggies and seafood fresh.

Unlimited everything
Unlimited everything

From Robinsons Galleria, it only took us 30-40 minutes to get there.  If you’re the type who eats a lot, this place is perfect for you.  More value for your money compared to the other places like Healthy Shabu-Shabu or Ganso Shabuway.  But if you’re one who eats like a bird, then traveling far if you’re from the north might not be worth it.

Try this place out if you want lots of food for less 🙂

Would definitely come back!

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