To the Dice Game we shall go

This game of chance is played during the Moon Festival in Chinese communities throughout Asia.  This year, the moon festival fell on September 19.  Chinese families normally hold their dice game around this date.   This game is so easy that even little kids can join.

The object of the game is to throw 6 pieces of dice and get a certain number combination (found in the chart below) then get a prize.

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare for the game:

  • Wide-mouthed bowl
  • 6 pieces dice with number 1 and 4 in red.
  • Prizes, prizes,  and lots of prizes
    • 32 pcs   6th place prizes
    • 16 pcs   5th place prizes
    • 8 pcs   4th places prizes
    • 4 pcs   3rd place prizes
    • 2 pcs   2nd place prizes
    • 1 pc     1st place prize
  • All family members young and old.

You’ll need to gather everyone around the table, and start throwing the dice in the bowl one person at a time.  Whoever throws a winning combination is handed a prize.  Prizes may be extravagant or simple.  It depends on the families playing.  The prizes are solicited from families joining or if its an event in school, they’ll look for sponsors.

Special rules:

  • If any of the dice fall outside the bowl, you lose your turn for that round.
  • If all the prizes for a given configuration have run out, then future appearances of that configuration win no further prizes.
  • “Ultimate throw” – The best combination is composed of either 6 fours, or 6 ones.  If you get this combination, you win ALL prizes, even those already won.  Some families just give the 1st prize to ensure everybody gets to take home a prize.
  • Other rules you can make up as you go along as long as it is fair and everybody gets to have fun.


Numbers face up on dice This combination is called Prize to get
one 4, plus assorted numbers Xicuai    6th place
two 4s, other assorted numbers Juren     5th place
three 4s, other assorted numbers Tanhua    4th place
four of a same number, except 4 Jinshi   3rd place
1-2-3-4-5-6; OR three of a number and three of another number Bangyan   2nd place
four 4s OR five of any number Zhuang Yuan   1st place
six 1s OR six 4s Ultimate Throw   Gets ALL prizes
(even those already won)

Such a simple game right?  Simple yet fun!

I won the 2nd prize this year! yippee!!!
I won 2nd prize this year! yippee!!!  Kids were in their chinese costumes to keep within the theme 🙂  Every 6th place combination, we got some money and hopiia (those small hopia balls on the left).  Kids won several times.  They said they have so much money they can go to Disneyland! hahahaa..wish it were true 🙂




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