Toddler birthday parties at school can be simple but not boring!

We know that most schools require their students’ birthday parties in school to be simple. A lot of schools claim they teach kids simplicity.
But simple doesn’t equate to boring. You can have a simple party that would still be interesting for the kids. And you can still have a theme, just toned down compared to the …extravagant parties going on lately.

So for my little one’s 2nd birthday, my goal was to have the following:
1. Simple cake
2. Hassle-free food
3. No wastage
4. Easy to take home leftover food for kids
5. Easy for parents to set-up and bring to school
6. Still pretty to look at
7. Personal touch

I needed these especially when we only had 20-30mins for the entire party.  I had to make sure it was a breeze to transport everything to school, set up, and clean up.

So let me share what I did:

1.  BIRTHDAY CAKE.   I got the birthday cake from S&R. Ready made and attractive for kids. They have a pink one for girls and a blue one for boys. I wasn’t expecting it to taste good but surprisingly, kids loved it! The best part…. it’s only 470Php!!!

There's BIRTHDAY CAKE!  (don't mind the other stuff in the cart..BAD, very bad for kids :-P )
There’s the BIRTHDAY CAKE! (don’t mind the other stuff in the cart..BAD, very bad for kids 😛 )

2.  CAKE TABLE.    Since the cake is always the highlight of a birthday party, it has to look nice.  Of course, you’d  have to put the cake on a nice cake table. Nice meaning just bring a table cloth and cover a small table available at school. Then bring whatever backdrop you can for a nicer effect. I chose Japanese paper fans so that it was easy to carry, assemble and disassemble. I also stuck a name banner on the cake and a #2 candle.

I just bought these Japanese paper backdrops.
I just bought these Japanese paper backdrops.
The cake was a hit with the kids.
Here’s what the inside of the cake looks like.  The cake was a hit for the kids.  Not too sweet yet tasty for them.

3.  YUMMY APPROPRIATE FOOD.  You don’t want to serve anything that kids won’t appreciate.  Therefore I stuck with all my daughter’s favorite food.  This bento box gives kids an option on what to eat first.  Different kids have different schedules in terms of when they eat their rice and snacks especially when pre-school class time is a bit in the middle of the morning snack and lunch.  So I made sure I had snacks, lunch, and dessert.

Now for the food we served.  Bento Birthday Box!
I served food in a Birthday Bento Box.

Why a bento box?  Well two year olds can’t eat that much so I only put small portions of everything.  I considered color, variety, and a “well-rounded” bento that had everything including dessert and utensils inside 🙂

Here's a view of the entire box.
Here’s how the entire bento looked like.
I personalized all to ensure that kids bring home the right bento box.
I personalized all bento boxes to ensure that kids bring home the right one.

4.  TABLE SETTING.  I needed to make sure it was quick to set up.  So I just taped balloons on chairs, put table cloth and placemats.  Then put all bento boxes on each child’s place.

table set up
To give you an idea, here’s the final output.
Here's our table set-up.
Our kiddos seemed very happy.

5.  GIVEAWAYS.  I make it a point to have giveaways that are useful and educational.  For this party, since I was dealing with little kids, I felt these tiny blocks were perfect for their tiny hands as well as enhancing their motor skills.

Great for both boys and girls.
Great for both boys and girls.  It was also great that it was one of the celebrant’s favorite toys.

But most importantly, my main objective was to ensure the birthday celebrant enjoyed!     It was a bonus that I also enjoyed preparing for this party 🙂

But most importantly, the birthday celebrant enjoyed!
As you can see, she was so happy with her food!

Have you done any simple and pretty parties for your little ones?  Do share.


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