Coping with child’s peanut allergy

I never knew how threatening food allergies were until I took time to research on them.  What I’ve learned? Peanut allergy is the worst.  Why? coz it can lead to an anaphylactic shock when a person is exposed to peanuts.  This is difficulty of breathing which can be life threatening … if the person gets a really bad reaction.  There are some people who react by merely smelling peanut, peanut butter, peanut powder, etc.

Normally, benadryl is given to patients who get exposed to food allergens and it normally works.  Although there are times that benadryl just isn’t enough.  There was a recent incident abroad wherein a high school girl died during a camping trip coz she was accidentally exposed to peanuts.   She knew she accidentally held food that contained peanuts so she washed her hands and drank benadryl immediately.  Although it din’t turn out so well.  She also had her epipen but the reaction was so bad that it din’t work either.

So for those who have kids with peanut allergy or any food allergy, it would be good to always have benadryl at all times.  An epipen would also be great to have to be on the safe side.  This is administered when benadryl doesn’t do the trick and the patient seems to have difficulty breathing.  Do more research on allergies.  Better safe than sorry.

Here's what an epipen looks like.  A box has 2 pens inside.
This is how the box of an epipen jr. looks like.  For epipens of adults, there are 2 pens inside a box.  Sometimes, two shots are needed to inject into the patient in case the first pen didn’t work.  And even if an epipen has been injected, the patient still has to be brought to the E.R immediately for a check-up.  Epipens are not available in the Phlippines.  You will need to have someone get one for you from the U.S or Canada.
Here's what an epipen looks like.
Here’s what an epipen looks like. Make sure never to drop this or let it sit out in the heat.  You shouldn’t refrigerate either.  This is only good for one year.  You will need to get a new one before it expires.  Expiry date is found at the bottom of the box.  This epipen jr. costs about  a steep $130.  But what the hell, if the allergy is fatal, its better to be ready.  Or maybe, it can be Grandma’s or a generous Aunt’s yearly birthday gift so you don’t have to foot the bill all the time 🙂 😛
Some information when using an epipen.
Some information when using an epipen.
For those smaller kids, it would be good you informed their teachers and principals.  in the Philippines, there isn't a law regarding the ban of peanuts in school.
For those smaller school-age kids, it would be good if parents sit down and inform teachers, advisers, and the principal regarding this.  Awareness helps a lot.  You cannot control other kids from bringing food containing peanuts but it would help if a lot of people surrounding your child knew she was allergic so they can make a conscious effort to keep peanuts away from him.  This sample ID will also be helpful for kids to be worn at all times for emergency purposes.

If you’re not sure if your kids have allergy, you can go to an allergologist for a skin test and for more information.  I know a good one at The Medical City in Pasig.  Dra. Michelle De Vera 0922.468.4154 her clinic is at  rm. 1119.

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