DIY photobooth frame

My daughter’s 1st birthday was coming and I wanted to have a portable photo booth to take pics of the guests without any hassle for them.    I had in mind a wooden picture frame for guests to hold while their picture was taken.  Although, I had no idea where to buy a distressed picture frame big enough to fit 2-3 people.  I had no choice but to make my own.  And what do you know, I did it!

I bought a 10-foot wooden plank with criss-cross design from MC Home Depot.  Cut it in 4.  Glued all sides together using stick well.  I then painted it brown  for it to pop after sand papering it.
I bought a 10-foot wooden plank (for only Php300) with a criss-cross design from MC Home Depot.  Had them cut it in 4.  Glued all sides together using stick well.  Then painted it brown.
The next day, I painted it white.

When it dried, I started to sand it.  It would give the frame a distressed look making the brown paint come out after sanding.

How’d it go you ask?  Perfect! Just what I needed.  Here are some pics to show how I made use of the frame.

happy baby
happy baby trying out the frame
group of 4
group of 4
add some character to it …ala 3D! 🙂
couple. landscape.
couple. landscape.
big group
big group
couple. portrait.
couple. portrait.

Like it?  There you have it.  An instant photo booth.  Less space, less mess, less expense, less hassle.  It also lets you have all the guests have their picture taken without standing up to go to the photo booth or waiting in line for their turn.  You can bring the photo booth to them!!!

I just had my nephew and niece go around each table as our photographers.  One would be carrying the frame around, and the other taking the pictures of the guests.  This served as a remembrance of the guests as I’d be able to send their pictures together with a “thank you card”  🙂

My first D-I-Y photo booth frame.  Sooo Happy how it turned out.  The most fun part is that my baby enjoyed it! 🙂  Actually, main reason was I just didn’t want to pay a fortune for a photo booth that won’t be maximized coz I only had a few guests.

So there you have it, a less expensive photo booth that’ll last for more parties to come.

Have you made something similar?  Please do share!

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