Massage, pregnant or not…love it!

I’ve enjoyed having massages ever since I started working in the corporate world.  They say stress brings backaches and knots (what Filipinos call “Lamig sa katawan”).  My upper back near the shoulders is hard as a rock.  A result of 15 years of stress from work, family life, pregnancy, and …taking care of small children.

So a regular massage is something I do to try to relieve tense muscles that have accumulated over the years.

I transform our ottoman at the end of our bed into a massage table.
I transform our ottoman at the end of our bed into a massage table.

Massages we get are 200-250Php/hr and give a 100Php tip to the therapist.

In my opinion, having regular massages helps better blood circulation and gives you a more relaxed feeling throughout the week.  Especially for us moms, who take care of the kids day in and day out, a good massage is something that would give us more energy for the next day.  I try to get a massage 1-2x/week.

Even if I’m pregnant, I still get massages.  I just make sure that they don’t put too much pressure on my lower back and my feet.  But for all the other parts of my body, it even helps in making my body more comfortable carrying around a watermelon 24/7.  When my tummy is a bit big, I have massages as I lay down on my side. Make sure you get a masseuse that’s knows how to massage pregnant women.  It’s ok, but be safe. You know your body.  But always ask your doctor before doing this.  All pregnancies are different.

At times, when we’re on vacation, we splurge on getting massages at spas.

For those who don’t like the idea of being touched or removing your clothes, you can just keep your clothes on or just sit down and tell them which part of your body you’d like the therapist to concentrate on.  You can control the routine of each massage session.

Why don’t you try to get a massage too…who knows, you might just love it!

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