Drawer Organizer – yes you can DIY!

Have you ever had problems looking for your belts? your socks? or anything in your drawer?  I have, numerous of times.  That’s why I made it a point to have drawer organizers specifically for belts, ties, and socks.  I wanted everything organized to look nice and of course …easy for us to find what we’re looking for.

If you don’t have one yet, you can either buy the plastic dividers in the hardware stores like Handyman, True Value, ACE Hardware, or sometimes even those online shopping coupon sites.  I chose to have mine custom made so that it really fits my drawers, sturdier, and I can achieve the look that I want.

Here's a sample of how I organized our drawer.
Here’s a sample of how I organized our drawer.  Now it’s easier to look for belts and know if a belt is missing.  Same goes for socks and ties.

Of course, DIY is also an option.  You just need to get pcs. of wood that fit in your drawer and some stickwell wood glue.  Put them together depending on how big you want each box to be and glue the slats of wood using stickwell.  Then just paint it.

So now when my husband asks me for a particular belt, pair of socks, or tie, its easier for me to find them.  Gone are the days when I go through piles of stuff.  It’s also easier to have a visual of the items you have (or don’t have) for shopping purposes.

This is just one of the things that make my life a bit easier 🙂

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