A cheaper way to decorate your kiddie party

Not every party has to be expensive, you just have to be creative. Not every party needs an event stylist, you can try doing it yourself. And not every party needs …
expensive decors, you may opt for things that can be re/used by you or your guests. Most parents don’t like having decors that would just end up in the trash after the event. And I’m one of them!

Here’s an example of how you can decorate a swimming party without wasting money.

Objective: Use inexpensive yet pretty decors that don’t end up in the trash after the party.
Solution: Make giveaways your decor. Those items for decoration you don’t intend to giveaway, make sure they’re reusable for your next event.

You can get inflatables to decorate the party place. Spread it all around. These will also be your giveaways for the guests.


Make your own photo booth backdrop by using any divider you have and stick ribbons to it or design it depending on your theme.


Add balloons for areas that can’t be decorated by inflatables. These won’t go to waste ‘coz kids love taking these home.


For center pieces, opt for those that can also be part of giveaways. Having interactive center pieces are a great idea to keep guests entertained while waiting. A great example would be the blocks below.



And if you can, make your own dessert bar, candy bar, or fun bar. It’s all up to you what you want to put in it. It’s cheaper to buy candies in bulk. You can always take home any excess and use them for your next event.





So there you have it. Some helpful tips on how to decorate your next party.

Please do share your experiences in decorating your kiddie parties. We’d love to hear and learn from you.

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