Kids Carbonara

Kids Carbonara made with love

We always want something fast and easy to prepare for our kids especially for times when these little ones suddenly get hungry.  And feeding little rascals isn’t as easy as it seems.  They’re very picky.  So ones you know what they like to eat, better learn how to do it at home.  One of our favorite “go-to” meals is the classic carbonara.  It’s easy to make, fast to make, and kids can eat them anywhere.  It’s also a great option to take to school for lunch…


  • Pasta of your choice.  (We prefer penne or linguini pasta)
  • Nestle Cream.
  • Fresh Milk.
  • Crunchy bacon.
  • Salt and Pepper.


First, cook the pasta al dente.  Then make crunchy bacon bits by putting sliced bacon in the microwave using a bacon griller.  Set aside.

In a sauce pan, mix cream and milk.  Let it simmer for 5 minutes while continuously stirring.  Some opt to add butter but we prefer no to.  Add some salt and pepper to taste.

Add the pasta into the mixture until it is equally spread throughout your noodles.

Lastly, plate your carbonara and add your bacon bits on top.

You may add mushrooms or any ingredient you’d want your kids to eat together with it.  Sneaking some healthy veggies like broccoli or mushrooms may be a good idea to get them eating some glow food.

There you have it, carbonara in minutes.  Kids will surely love eating this.

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