DIY Pic-a Mix

I decided to make my own mix of chips instead of getting those ready ones in the grocery.  So I pulled out all the chips I had my eye on that day.  Got an entire cereal lock and lock case, poured all the chips inside and just shook it!

My own Mix!

I had Cheetos, Herrs, Lay’s and Oishi.  Loved how I could choose what taste to try next.  Of course, I had a Hershey’s bar beside me to neutralize the saltiness.  Then I’d just go back and forth.  Oh how good it was!

Try making your own, I’m sure you’ll love it!

My love for NUTELLA

My dear sister sent me a big bottle of Nutella.  She claims that the Nutella from Canada is way much better and is very different from the Nutella being sold in Manila.

Nutella from canada + Pretzels from U.S
Nutella from my Canada (sis) + Pretzels from U.S (mom)=perfect combination! …I feel the love!!!

And so the moment I got it, tried it right away.  And yes, it does taste a bit different.  It has a stronger hazelnut taste to it and I think it’s creamier.  The one here is chocolatier.  I love both..I’m not picky when it comes to Nutella 🙂

This is one of my go to snacks to make me happy!

What’s yours? 🙂


Cravings: Meiji Almond

Ok, so yes, I still have cravings even after I gave birth.  Let me call these post pregnancy cravings 🙂  And yes, I always have an excuse for eating junk!

Meiji Almond pack.  What I like about these is that they’re individually packed so even if I don’t finish the entire pack, it’s okay coz each chocolate is sealed.  It also gives me a reason not to finish the whole thing in one sitting!

The texture of this almond chocolate is a bit hard and slippery unlike the others in the market that are powdery and soft that melt fast.  No need to put them inside the ref coz it’ll harden up and difficult to bite.

Try these out, they’re really good!

Cravings: Sevilla ‘s Pastillas de Leche

I was just buying some to send to my sister…but then I couldn’t help it!
Opened it at 9pm, closed the box at 910pm…4 pcs. in 10 minutes…that’s already Self control!  

Just a tip when buying pastillas:

1.  It has a shelf life of 1 week.  If you put it in the ref, 2 weeks.

2. Their deliveries arrive Mondays and Thursdays.  So make sure to have good timing when you buy especially if you’ll send these abroad.  Travel time can eat up the last few days of the shelf  life.


Bought these at Sevilla’s Sweets at Shoppesville Lower Ground (beside Mercury Drug).

You can order and have them bring it out to the driveway so that you don’t need to park.


Bangkok Vacation – what we ate

Day 1 food: KFC 🙂 Yes, you heard it right, KFC. it was 5pm when we got to settle down in our hotel room. We headed downstairs to try to do a little shopping at Platinum Mall but decided to take a snack first.  KFC was right in front of me which made me crave for their zinger. The line was so long so I had dessert first. Got a banana chocolate crepe at one of the food stalls. You’ll need to buy/load a platinum food court card to be able to purchase any food/drink.  If you don’t finish your credit, just return the card and they’ll give you the remaining balance.  


We only got to go around for less than 2 hours coz the stores close early.  Day 1 dinner was at 830pm.  Too tired to go far, we ended up at Mcdonald’s below our hotel. They din’t have rice and chicken, but had something better..but oh so spicy! 🙂   Check out the chart as to how many calories each of their products have…you wouldn’t want to eat in Mcdonald’s that often anymore!
Buffet Breakfast at the hotel. Filling up for a long day ahead! They had enough food choices for us.  Interiors were relaxing and staff was very accommodating.  I always start off with eggs and bacon.
After a few hours going around Platinum Mall, we had lunch. Trying to look for authentic Thai food, we ended up eating Japanese food in the food court.
Latter part of our day was spent going to the high end malls like Gaysorn and Emporium. Our last stop was the food court of Emporium mall which had A LOT of restaurants food stalls. I was able to find my first Thai meal. But sad to say, it did not taste good at all!
Paid too much for crappy food at Thai Peppery.  Note to self: NEVER eat here again! 
My friend Fides had fish, and I had what I was craving for the whole day..Bagoong rice/Rice with shrimp paste.  It did not meet half of my expectations.


My breakfast for Day 4!  and last picture was our food in the plane going home.


Day 4 breakfast continued 🙂


Time to go home! See how spacious their airport is compared to ours? sad 😦 ….. what’s more sad during this time was that we weren’t able to get our tax refund!!! This Thai girl behind the Tax Refund Counter misinformed us. She tells us to go straight inside and get our refund there. She didn’t say that our papers had to be stamped before security check! We couldn’t go back out, so no refund for us! Make sure to have your papers stamped before going through security or else you’d be so pissed at yourself! 😛


Here’s what I usually have in my tote bag when traveling:  Wallet, Blackberry, iPod, petroleum jelly, lip balm, wipes, facial tissue, alcohol, extra clips/ponytails, small zipper bag for passport & other docs, 2 pens, shades, and in the purple plastic bag was the laptop I bought (which was supposed to be 10k cheaper including the tax refund!) to hide it from customs 🙂