VMobile subscribers, be careful, be VERY CAREFUL!

Ok, so I got a Vmobile card so that I could transfer load to our household helpers (to save them the trouble of having to go out and walk to load their cellphones).


The card that cost me P300 when I bought it looks like this.
The card that cost me P300.  The time I bought it, it looked like this. (not sure if there’s a new design)

I loaded it with 500Php in order to use it to load our helpers’ phones.

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Loving Shangri-La Hotel’s Moon Cake

I’ve tried quite a few moon cakes in the past and this is the first time I’ve tried the one of Shangri-La Hotel.  I’m not really fond of moon cakes but after tasting this, it was something I’d go back for more.

Moon cake
For those who don’t know what a moon cake is or what it looks like, here it is.


They come in different boxes
What’s nice about the moon cake from Shangri-La Hotel is that they come in pretty boxes.  Moon cakes are normally meant to be given as gifts, hence the pretty packaging.
of your choice
They also have a variety of how many moon cakes  are in a box.
great as gifts
I’m just a sucker for pretty things that’s what made me buy and taste this. And I’m glad I did!
different sizes prices
Here are their different prices according to flavor and size.

So for next year’s moon cake festival, you know where to get your moon cakes! 🙂








Wheatgrass drink

While eating dinner at Mann Hann, I spotted a wheatgrass bottled drink on their counter.  Just for the experience, I ordered one and tried it out.  OH MYYY GOOOSH!!!    I’d leave the wheatgrass on the soil.  Couldn’t take it.  This wasn’t for me.  Couldn’t even describe the taste 😛

At least I gave it a try...
At least I gave it a try…but from the start till the end, my glass was still this full 😛


DIY Pic-a Mix

I decided to make my own mix of chips instead of getting those ready ones in the grocery.  So I pulled out all the chips I had my eye on that day.  Got an entire cereal lock and lock case, poured all the chips inside and just shook it!

My own Mix!

I had Cheetos, Herrs, Lay’s and Oishi.  Loved how I could choose what taste to try next.  Of course, I had a Hershey’s bar beside me to neutralize the saltiness.  Then I’d just go back and forth.  Oh how good it was!

Try making your own, I’m sure you’ll love it!